2021 is approaching. In what ways will the AQForm offer change?

Our passion for lighting has been inspiring us to grow for years. As we close the next chapters, we open new ones, so that our products are even better suited to the needs of the evolving market. The turn of the year is a good time to take stock, so check out how the AQForm offer will change as of January 2021.

In short, as we prepare for 2021, we have set ourselves the following goal:

  • Ease of choice: ensuring a clear offer that makes it easier and faster to choose lighting.

To attain this goal we decided to:

  • Simplify: fewer products with a greater range of application of luminaires.

The result is:

  • Comprehensiveness: carefully selected products that respond to the specific needs of the market.

What does this mean in practice?

We simplify! Discover products tailored for the future.

Let's go back to the early 21st century. The 2000s: the film "Cast Away" has just premiered, and the first part of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy is yet to hit cinemas. Our first SQUARES debuts on the market. Modern, minimalist form and refined workmanship as early as back then bode well for the success of this luminaire. It has since been continuously refined over the years, like many of our products, and has earned the title of a classic. Over the last 5 years, more than 200,000 SQUARES luminaires have lit up in Poland and around the world!

We are glad that so much affinity and trust has been placed in our lighting. We also believe that it is the continuous development of products that paves the way for further progress. Therefore, from 01/01/2021, we plan to withdraw the older product families from the standard offer. Each withdrawn product has been replaced with a new, improved version that fully covers all the functions of the removed luminaire. This will definitely make your choice easier and speed up the use of the offer.

The products we bid farewell to include the oldest versions of SQUARES and PET luminaires, the ALULINE profile and the GLOB range. The novelties taking the place of previous generations of products include:

Refreshed color range and even longer durability!

In the summer of 2020 we refreshed our color range. White structure and black structure have been added to the standard palette. In January 2021 we go a step further – white and black in matte finish will be withdrawn from the standard offer. These will be fully replaced by the aforementioned modern structure – more scratch-resistant and easier to keep clean. Also, from a visual point of view, the new colors definitely fit better into the current trends, adding a modern touch to the arrangements.

We are expanding the QS offer. Iconic luminaires in 48 hours!

We are well aware how much time matters. Especially when finishing an interior or in the case of spontaneous remodeling. That's why in 2020 we introduced the QS (quick shipment) offer, which consists of our most popular luminaires available at a very fast lead time. At the end of the year, we are expanding it with new LED and luminaire proposals with exceptionally fast installation. In practice, this means even more products ready for shipment within 2 business days. If a given luminaire is currently unavailable in stock, we will produce it in up to 5 working days!

The QS offer will be joined by selected new products: RAFTER points trim, PET next, SIRCA, TUBA next, RING next, SQUARES next, HOLLOW mini and HOLLOW micro, PET micro. More quickly available luminaires means it is possible to execute even spontaneous projects more efficiently!

Second release of catalog 2020-2021. See what's changed.

In early 2021, we will introduce the second release of the 2020-2021 catalog. When working on it, we analyzed all the insights we received from our customers. The result is an update of several product families.

Thanks to the feedback received, we were able to offer a mix of parameters that are even more suited to the function in which these products are most used by their users. Therefore, in the second release of the catalog, more control options and lighting angles will appear for selected products, as well as a wider range of available color temperatures. Thank you very much for all your submissions.

We have prepared a clear summary of all the changes made. Thanks to this, the first print run of the catalogue is still fully up-to-date – just click on the attachment available on our website. We also remind you that the most up-to-day product data can always be found on our website.

The updated parameters will be valid in the standard offer from 04.01.2021.

See the appendix for the first release

Simplified offer – even more possibilities

Minimalism is the hallmark of our brand. We believe that "less is more", not only in terms of design. That's why when preparing AQForm products for 2021, we were guided by usability and simplification. The standard offer has been systematically modified as older generations of lamps give way to new products. Luminaires that remain on offer provide more features than their forerunners. As a result, it will be easier and faster to choose lighting whereas the AQForm offer is even clearer than before.

The AQForm 2021 offer at a glance:

  • Simplification: fewer products with a greater range of application of luminaires.
  • Ease of choice: a clear offer that makes it easy and faster to choose lighting.
  • Comprehensiveness: carefully selected products that respond to the specific needs of the market.

We look forward to 2021!