The RAFTER family - meet our expert in multifunctional lighting

Choosing the right type of lighting depends primarily on our individual needs. It’s good when the luminaire combines modern design with functionality and multitasking. Sounds impossible? Nothing similar! The RAFTER family combines these three features - that's why it's a comprehensive solution for commercial and private spaces. Check out the possibilities offered by the extensive RAFTER collection!

In modern arrangements, lighting is more than just a background element. Regardless of whether the selection of luminaires applies to commercial or private spaces - lighting both at home and in the office or hotel plays an extremely important role.

„Well-chosen luminaires take care of our eyesight and visual comfort, influence our mood, increase efficiency and safety, and most of all, allow in an easy way to look at exact colors, forms and details.”

In response to the above needs, we have created the multi-purpose RAFTER family, which thanks to its functionality, fits perfect as general, task or accent lighting. The wide range of mounting options guarantee a great deal of freedom, thanks to which RAFTER luminaires can take the form of surface-mounted, recessed, suspended lighting, and even a wall lamp. The visual lightness and subtle design will emphasize the modern character of the interior, and the linear form allows the luminaires to be combined in any compositions.

Let yourself be surprised by the multi-purpose lighting RAFTER mix

RAFTER mix combines many functions within one product. The points modules effectively increase the light intensity on work surfaces such as a desk or floor. Subtly recessed, they ensure visual comfort, protecting the user's eyesight from unpleasant glare. If we combine them with PET mini modules, we get a harmonious, working in two ways duo. The points modules directed downwards, act as task lighting. They ensure safety for example in communication routes, while the PET mini rollers, which play a typical accenting role, effectively emphasize favorite paintings or decorations on the corridor walls. This perfect combination will work wherever we want to increase the comfort and safety of use of a given space with light and emphasize decorative elements of the arrangement.

The RAFTER mix is also available in a version with a cover. This combination works perfectly where, in addition to effective task lighting, additional general light is needed. The points modules will ensure high intensity on work surfaces such as a table top or desk, while the module with a cover will provide general light over a large space. This set is dedicated primarily to offices, where the lighting has a really big influence on the well-being and productivity of employees.

It is also worth noting that RAFTER points are characterized by high efficiency and energy efficiency. It is a durable and effective task lighting which, thanks to additional modules, can be also used as accent or general lighting - all according to the individual needs of the user. Combining so many functions in one luminaire has never been so easy!

Discover the endless possibilities of the RAFTER mix luminaire

The RAFTER mix family is a wealth of luminaires tailored to your individual needs. The length of individual models affects not only aesthetics, but also functionality. The shortest version will light up the way in dark corridors and the movable PET mini spotlights will additionally emphasize decorative elements on the walls. Slightly longer - thanks to the additional points modules, will effectively illuminate the work surface and the PET mini modules will highlight your favorite detail. That’s why it’s a great solution for offices and communication routes. The even longer version of RAFTER mix is dedicated to representative communication zones, where the points modules will effectively illuminate, for example, a hotel lobby, protecting the eyes from glare and the PET mini reflectors will highlight decorative elements. The longest variant of the RAFTER mix luminaire, which is a combination of task and general lighting, will be especially useful in offices. The points module will successfully illuminate the working surface, while the module with a cover takes care of general lighting suitable for work.

RAFTER trim - power of benefits in the mini version

The RAFTER family also includes small, compact RAFTER trim luminaires. A single 15x5cm luminaire can light up the same surface as a traditional 20x20cm AR111 retrofit luminaire! Despite their small size, they surprise with power and functionality, combining the features of task, accent and general lighting. RAFTER trim can be arranged in any compositions, creating original sets that will not only effectively illuminate communication, commercial or private spaces, but also it will add a modern character to the interior and emphasize their unique style. Thanks to the possibility of using one power supply for many luminaires, it is also a big saving for our wallet.

Another advantage of the RAFTER trim collection is its efficiency, while maintaining maximum savings in energy consumption. The luminaires, thanks to their small case, do not need much space in the ceiling, fitting perfectly also into lower rooms. On the other hand, the use of an aesthetic frame makes easy the assembly, because additional plastering is not required. RAFTER trim is a convenient solution for everyone who cares about the functionality of lighting, comfort of use and improvement of assembly works.

Perfectly refined optics RAFTER points trim will effectively protect your eyes from glare

An important feature of high-quality luminaires is the visual comfort of the user. Thanks to the refined optics, RAFTER points trim can boast a maximum shielding angle, even when using several luminaires at the same time. All thanks to the recess of the light source in the luminaire and black reflectors, which, regardless of the size of the luminaire, not only look good , but also care for our eyesight. Precise optics makes the RAFTER points trim shine exactly where we want, effectively increasing the intensity of lighting in the selected place.

RAFTER wall washer will emphasize what is unique

This is another proposition for everyone who wants to emphasize a selected detail in the interior. Maybe it will be your favorite movie poster or a picture painted by yourself - nothing prevents you from adding sparkle to it with even lighting. Now it is extremely easy, thanks to the asymmetrical optics that even better emphasize vertical surfaces. If you want to illuminate the surface of the floor or worktop and at the same time highlight a given detail, it is worth to create a composition of RAFTER points trim with RAFTER wall washer trim. This harmonious duo is a bull’s eye in terms of aesthetics and wide functionality.

Direct the light exactly where it’s needed

In the RAFTER family could not miss multitrack luminaires that can be easily directed in any direction. Deeply embedded diodes will ensure visual comfort, at the same time emphasizing the decorative element of the wall, your favorite painting or piece of art. On the other hand, the version with a cover emits diffused light, what is a perfect complement to other lighting. Changing the direction of light has never been so easy!

Which member of the RAFTER family do you like the most?

The RAFTER collection perfectly combines aesthetics with functionality. It is a multi-purpose lighting that, in the right combination, will take care of every aspect - it will highlight your favourite detail, illuminate the space above the desk or show the way in a dark corridor. These luminaires guarantee full freedom of composition, at the same time taking care of our eyesight and adding extraordinary charm to the arrangement. It is worth to reach for them when lighting plays so many roles. This great solution will work both in private homes and large hotel, restaurant or office interiors, giving a whole range of different possibilities.