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Interior designer: Wiesława Klim PP ARCHIT

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Tracks lighting is a very flexible lighting solution. It is enough to bring the power supply to one point in the track to power all luminaires within the track system. It is possible to mount luminaires in any space where there are no connectors.

In our offer you will find 3F and low voltage track lighting systems.

Stworzone dla Ciebie

  1. 1. We are an award-winning Polish manufacturer of modern lighting solutions.

  2. 2. In our portfolio, you can find refined lighting dedicated to private interiors as well as specialized solutions to commercial spaces.

  3. 3. Our luminaires are designed, tested, examined and manufactured in Czernichów near Krakow.
  4. 4. The AQForm team of experts works every day at the 3600m² Research and Development Center.

  5. 5. The knowledge and experience of our employees, as well as the extensive machinery park, allow us to maintain high production flexibility.

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  • Aquaform’s lighting awarded with two German Design Awards 2018
  • Aquaform’s lighting awarded with two German Design Awards 2018
  • Geometric chic – DOT collection with Good Design 2019 award
  • Light theatre by AQForm was just granted the international iF Design Award 2020!
  • See AQForm lighting recognised with the prestigious German Design Award