Track Lighting Overview

Track - a modern lighting system

Tracks are a very flexible lighting solution. Thanks to them, with just a few movements, you can change the number, location and even the type of luminaires installed inside, without the need to carry out a heavy renovation or calling an electrician. This feature is especially valuable in interiors with dynamic functions or when illuminated objects change arrangement.

In the case of a track, it is enough to bring the power supply to one point in the track. It is possible to mount luminaires in any space where there are no connectors. Powering many luminaires from one electrical point and the ease of changing their arrangement within the track provide great flexibility, which has long been appreciated by owners of shops and galleries, who regularly change displays. Taking also into account the characteristic, modern design of strong lines on the ceiling – we get a great recipe for adding a twist to the interior, thence tracks are also taking private interiors by storm.

In our offer you will find both luminaires for tracks and the track systems themselves. We offer 4 variants:

3-phase tracks: 3F and 3F DALI – surface mounting (ceiling), suspended (ceiling) and recessed (ceiling)

Low voltage tracks:

  1. MULTITRACK – assembly: recessed, surface (ceiling and wall) and suspended (ceiling)
  2. HIGH MULTITRACK – assembly: recessed (ceiling and walls)
  3. MICROTRACK – assembly: suspended (ceiling) and surface (ceiling and wall)
  4. FLATTRACK – assembly: surface (ceiling and walls)
MULTITRACKsurface | recessed | high surface | high recessed 48V | max 3 metres in one piece | ON-OFF (one or two circuits) | DALICan be safely installed on walls | requires 48V power supplyTRACK3F surface | 3F recessed | DALI surface | DALI recessed MICROTRACKsurface | recessedFLATTRACKsurface 230V | max 3 metres in one piece | ON-OFF (three circuits) | DALI48V | max 2 metres in one piece | ON-OFF | DALIExtremally thin | can be safely installed on wallsRequires 48V power supply48V | max 3 metres in one piece | ON-OFFExtremally thin | can be safely installed on wallsRequires 48V power supply | DALI version coming soonBest for homes, restaurants, small expositions Tracks – a way to achieve well-adapted lighting5633.531NL1L3L233.532.5NL1L3L25633.534.3NL1L3L2DD