• QRLED next suspended flattrack

QRLED next suspended flattrack

QRLED next suspended flattrack

Light source: LED, integrated
Available colour temperatures: 2700K/3000K/4000K

Integrated light source

Luminaires can be connected to two circuits on a single high multitrack, provided two power supplies are used. In order for luminaires to operate on two circuits it is necessary to divide the products ordered and select control: ON/OFF and ON/OFF - second circuit.
Adapter standard colours: white luminaire - white adapter, black luminaire - black adapter. Luminaire is compatible only with high multitrack system.

Available from: second quarter

  • Input voltage - 48V.
  • CRI coefficient - CRI>90.
  • IEC protection class - 3.
  • The minimum distance from the illuminated object or surface - 0.2 m.
  • IP rating - IP20.
  • Luminaire mounting point: ceiling.
  • Illumination direction: directional down
  • No control.
  • LED integrated
  • Light source in the third MacAdam elipse range.
  • QRLED next suspended flattrack
Beam angle: 52°


  • QRLED next flattrack
  • QRLED next G/K spot
  • QRLED next high multitrack
  • QRLED next move trim recessed
  • QRLED next move trimless recessed
  • QRLED next multitrack
  • QRLED next spider suspended
  • QRLED next spot
  • QRLED next suspended
  • QRLED next suspended multitrack
  • QRLED next track
  • QRLED next trim recessed
  • QRLED next trimless recessed
  • SNOP QRLED suspended


L927low power2700KCRI>90
L930low power3000KCRI>90
L940low power4000KCRI>90
M927medium power2700KCRI>90
M930medium power3000KCRI>90
M940medium power4000KCRI>90

photometric curves:

  • 52°