AQForm laboratories take nearly 200m² of space. It is here that a team of qualified specialists conducts comprehensive tests of our luminaires on a daily basis, e.g. checking their safety and durability. Meeting specific requirements allows us to provide modern solutions that ensure the highest quality of light. Thanks to this, the products we create combine modern design with great technical parameters.

Photometric arm

The photometric arm is a tool that is used to collect information about the spatial distribution of luminous intensity. Thanks to the obtained curve, we are able to calculate parameters such as luminous flux (indicating the amount of light emitted) and beam angle (indicating the width of the beam emitted by the source). All photometric data files on the website have been prepared on the basis of the results obtained from our photometric arm.

Ulbricht sphere

The Ulbricht sphere, equipped with a spectrometer, is used to analyse the radiation spectrum of light sources. It allows you to examine such parameters as: colour rendering index (CRI), colour temperature (CCT) and luminous flux. Thanks to CRI, we know with what accuracy the light source reproduces colours, CCT indicates whether the light will be warm or cold, and the luminous flux informs about the amount of emitted light.

Currently, the market legal standard for LED indoor light sources is CRI>80. Did you know that 99% of our luminaires have CRI>90? As a result, the colours retain fully natural shades. The concrete wall illuminated by our products will remain grey, without a green-blue glow, and the oak floor or countertop will not lose their colour depth.

EMC emission

An incorrectly designed or manufactured luminaire may emit excessive electromagnetic radiation to the environment and send undesirable signals. In practice, this means interfering with other devices, such as a nearby radio or air conditioner. Therefore, in the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) laboratory, we measure the level of emitted electromagnetic disturbances. As a consequance, our luminaires are completely safe and do not adversely affect the operation of other devices.

EMC immunity

An inadequately protected luminaire may be sensitive to various electromagnetic phenomena, which may result in its incorrect operation or even damage. Therefore, in the EMC laboratory, we test the resistance of our luminaires to typical electromagnetic disturbances. This is why, our products are resistant to various types of exposure, which we are unable to eliminate, e.g. surges in the electrical installation or very fast power outages.