3F tracks

With the use of track systems, one can easily change the amount, location and even the type of luminaires installed indoors. It is possible to adjust the interior lighting without making additional changes to the ceiling structure or electrical installation. Track systems are made of aluminum profile varnished in selected colours. The inside copper wires are placed in guideway made of self-extinguishing polycarbonate which also insulates wiresfrom aluminium body. Fire resistance class – V0.


Lighting tracks are a flexible solution. The possibility to supply many luminaires from one electrical point and the ease of changing their arrangement within the track provides great flexibility at the design stage. When used in interior, it gives an option to easily adapt the lighting to changing needs. The MULTITRACK safe 48V voltage allows you to create compositions within easy reach. And so, effective compositions that transfer lighting from the ceiling to the wall are now at hand.

Luminaires for the MULTITRACK system are available in two control variants: On-Off and DALI (which is also compatible with AQsmart). Thanks to that you can not only physically change the placement of lighting but also dim or set lighting scenes, even remotely.

New tracks
  • Slight differences in lower part of multitrack cross-section.
  • No steel part inside multitrack: multitrack in new version does not have a steel part, so it is not a magnetic track.
  • New adaptor fits into both types of multitracks.
  • New connectors elements fits into both types of multitrack.

Thanks to these changes the new multitrack tracks are easier to prepare for installation while the uniform aluminum structure allows to cut or drill into new multitrack at the installation site.

AQForm 3F tracks and MULTIRACK
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MULTITRACK recessed installation instruction
Installation instruction - MULTITRACK surface
Installation instruction - MULTITRACK recessed