Track lighting

Track - a modern lighting system

Tracks are a very flexible lighting solution. Thanks to them, with just a few movements, you can change the number, location and even the type of luminaires installed inside, without the need to carry out a heavy renovation or calling an electrician. This feature is especially valuable in interiors with dynamic functions or when illuminated objects change arrangement.

In the case of a track, it is enough to bring the power supply to one point in the track. It is possible to mount luminaires in any space where there are no connectors. Powering many luminaires from one electrical point and the ease of changing their arrangement within the track provide great flexibility, which has long been appreciated by owners of shops and galleries, who regularly change displays. Taking also into account the characteristic, modern design of strong lines on the ceiling – we get a great recipe for adding a twist to the interior, thence tracks are also taking private interiors by storm.

In our offer you will find both luminaires for tracks and the track systems themselves. We offer 4 variants:

3-phase tracks: 3F and 3F DALI – surface mounting (ceiling), suspended (ceiling) and recessed (ceiling)

Low voltage tracks:

  1. MULTITRACK – assembly: recessed, surface (ceiling and wall) and suspended (ceiling)
  2. HIGH MULTITRACK – assembly: recessed (ceiling and walls)
  3. MICROTRACK – assembly: suspended (ceiling) and surface (ceiling and wall)
MICROTRACK suspended mounting (ceiling)MICROTRACK is the smallest of the AQForm tracks offer. Like the MULTITRACK, it uses a safe voltage of 48V, but it differs in its round shape. Thanks to it, it is an excellent choice for people who appreciate oval forms.The modernity of the solution is manifested, in the case of MICROTRACK, not only by the far-reaching miniaturization of all components, but also by the use of the same system elements for both ON/OFF and DALI installations.3F and 3F DALI surface (ceiling), suspended (ceiling) and recessed (ceiling) mountingThese are the most popular solutions that combine the convenience of tracks, minimalistic design and economic efficiency. For this reason, they are easiest to spot in commercial facilities.3F and 3F DALI tracks are made of an aluminum profile painted black (RAL 9005) or white (RAL 9003). In the 3F version, they enable the division of lighting fixtures into three circuits, so that they work independently. The DALI version allows for independent addressing of luminaires, which enables the programming of more complex and, most importantly, automated lighting scenes.Thanks to the various connectors ("L", "T" or "X") with this system, you can easily create complex lighting systems. HIGH MULTITRACK recessed mounting (ceiling and walls)The HIGH version of the MULTITRACK is designed for installation in ceilings and plasterboard walls. By inserting the track into the wall or ceiling, we obtain a "runner" for the fixtures, most of which is aesthetically hidden.Due to the greater height of the track compared to the low versions, many luminaires can be sinked into the track so that the entire fixing element remains hidden. Luminaires with this option have a „high multitrack" version. If there is no "high multitrack” variant in the family, the standard "multitrack" product will fit the recessed version of the track system.Luminaires from the RAFTER mini series installed in the HIGH MULTITRACK system enable the entire lighting element to be flush with the ceiling, while maintaining the possibility of changing its position usually without the use of tools.MULTITRACK recessed and surface mounting (ceiling and wall) and suspended (ceiling) The MULTITRACK system is distinguished by a low voltage inside the track – 48V. Such voltage is safe for humans, thanks to which the MULTITRACK compositions can also be used in places within easy reach – with this system you can try wall-ceiling connections. There before, both general lighting fixtures and reading spotlights can be connected within one system.MULTITRACK is a designer solution in which the  aesthetics is truly refined. Minimalistic adapters, when attached to the track, form one neat line with it. Therefore, placing the MULTITRACK within sight is not a problem.Luminaires dedicated to the MULTITRACK system are available in two control variants: ON/OFF and DALI, which is compatible with AQsmart. The availability of controls takes the flexibility of this system up to the next level. You can not only physically change the lighting pattern but dim or set light scenes as well, also remotely. In the case of ON/OFF control within one MULTITRACK, it is possible to connect luminaires for two circuits just by using two power supplies. What does it do? One track can accommodate luminaires for two independent light scenes activated by separate switches – for example, separate general lighting and separate wall accent lighting.
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3F track
recessedTracks 3F for surface and suspended assembly are now in a new smooth mat finish. Track recessed and track 3F DALI stays in the gloss finish.FinishesThe mounting holes are located inside the track system every 500mm. Mounting holesRecommended distance between all mounting brackets max. 1000mm.The maximum load on the track system is 30 kg/m. The maximum point load cannot be greater than 5kg.1000200NL1L3L2 32,5 mm33,5 mm42 mmTRACK suspendedNL1L3L256 mm 31 mm33,5 mmTRACK recessedTRACK surfaceNL1L3L233,5 mmblack (RAL9005)white (RAL9003) 1Track recessed is available only on request. With the use of track systems, one can easily change the number, location and even the type of luminaires installed indoors. It is possible to adjust the interior lighting without making additional changes to the ceiling structure or electrical installation. Track systems are made of aluminum profiles varnished in selected colours. The inside copper wires are placed in a guideway made of self-extinguishing polycarbonate, which also insulates the wires from the aluminium body. Fire resistance class – V0.1000mm blackQSSTCH1PHBwhiteQSSTCH1PHW2000mm blackQSSTCH2PHBwhiteQSSTCH2PHW3000mm blackQSSTCH3PHBwhiteQSSTCH3PHWSTCH2DABSTCH2DAWSTCH3DABSTCH3DAWsurface + suspendedlengthcolour3F3F DALIWires for 3F trackThree phase wires (L1, L2, L3) and a neutral wire (N) – all with a cross-section of 2.5mm². The protective wire (PE) maintains the continuity and safety of the entire track system.The track can be cut to given dimensions at the installation site. The cut surface or copper line of standard 3F tracks does not require bending or any other special treatment after the cut. Copper lines of the 3F DALI track need to be trimmed after the cut.Nominal values250/400 VAC, 16 A, 50 Hz, I class