• Location — Polska, Śląsk
  • Photographer — Bartosz Dworski
  • Interior design — Haven Studio , T. Jędrysko

Public space lighting

How to light up an office or a public space to obtain a functional, but also timeless form? Architects from the MONOILIT ART studio know it very well. When designing a project for a Non-Public Healthcare Institution (NZOZ), they were inspired by contemporary trends and lighting fixtures from AQForm.

An idea for a timeless interior of medical offices

Investors running the Non-Public Healthcare Institution came to the MONOLIT ART studio with a request for an interior design that would remain stylish despite the passage of time. The designed total area of the investment was 500m² and 16 rooms, which required a coherent and interesting concept. The architects were inspired by the stereotype of a white hospital and modern trends in design, while the target style was neo-modernism.

Lighting for offices and reception areas

The choice of lighting was one of the key stages of the project.

In this project, we were guided primarily by the required standards: intensity, uniformity and an appropriate colour rendering index, which is extremely important in a professional diagnosis. We decided on the timeless surface-mounted, suspended and recessed TRU luminaires due to their form, technical parameters, light distribution, durability, versatility and quality in relation to the price” – admits architect Tomasz Jędrysko.


The colour temperature of the selected luminaires was also of great importance, followed by the quality of lighting, then design and price.

TRU lighting fittings – the choice of MONOLIT ART studio

The project uses SET TRU LED surface, SET TRU LED suspended and SET TRU LED recessed luminaires from AQForm. This collection does not compromise on technology, while maintaining simplicity and elegance. The shape of TRU luminaires opens a large field of modern technology: we can choose from seven lengths, two power versions, three control variants (including AQsmart wireless light control), three colour temperatures and two covers: standard and microprismatic. This gives over 220 standard luminaire configurations without even taking into account the different colour finishes. Thanks to this, TRU luminaires can be easily adapted to the needs of a specific project. What else is worth knowing? This collection is extremely efficient and provides comfortable light every day, which is especially important in rooms where we spend many hours – such as workplaces or home spaces.

used in project

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Haven Studio , T. Jędrysko

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