• mieszkanie prywatne
  • Location — Zielona Góra
  • Photographer — Krzysztof Strażyński STUDIO
  • Interior design — Fanajło Home Design Decor

An idea for an attic apartment – Fanajło Home Design Decor

The attic apartment in Zielona Góra is a synonym of openness of the owners expressed in a cozy, warm arrangement that combines wood, beige, white and a bit of sparkle. The modern interior has been softened with boho-style decorations and emphasized with modern lighting. It must also be admitted that the architect Katarzyna Fanajło from Fanajło Home Design Decor perfectly coped with the slants in this space.

Functional attic space

Apart from the slants, the location of the risers and the variety of windows turned out to be a challenge in the interior. The first design step was to unify and soften the space. That is why round shapes dominate here, i.e. mirrors, spherical lighting fixtures, as well as a round table. The whole was complemented by beige and white, as well as patterned wallpapers which optically increase the room, and glazing in the attic which visually enlarge the apartment. The lighting was also important.

PET next and RAFTER light up the attic

In the apartment design, AQForm luminaires are in the lead, thanks to which the space is well-lit. The minimalistic fixtures perfectly interfere with the boho style. The play of lights and shadows in the bedroom is ensured by tracks with PET midi LED multitrack luminaires RAFTER points LED section suspended linear lighting. These are solutions that are not only practical to use – their designer, elegant appearance is also a special feature.

used in project

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