LUNAR, AQLED and OLEDRIAN lamps from Aquaform in the finals of the Good Design 2016 competition

Three lamp collections by Aquaform found themselves in the finals of the Good Design 2016 competition. Out of 222 applications, the experts of the Institute of Industrial Design have qualified 136 products for the finals. Among Aquaform luminaires, the following were distinguished: LUNAR lamps – with an original and usual way of light emission, AQLED – offering modern LED lighting in an interesting form, and the OLEDRIAN family - marriage of the OLED technology and design. All products qualified for the finals will be exhibited on the post-competition exhibition in the Institute of Industrial Design headquarters opened from the 21st of October 2016.

LUNAR – magical celling lighting

The cylindrical shape of LUNAR luminaire is only a beginning of the story. The key element of this light fixture is the bold cut which is a result of Aquaform's cooperation with the designer Joanna Piaścik. This manoeuvre, which may initially seem purely aesthetic, does not only variegate the aluminium body of the luminaire, but more importantly, it shapes the way of light distribution. It causes the down-facing light to be more dispersed. In the LUNAR flap version, a special flap mounted on a magnetic hinge which permits its free movement enables the user to regulate the light beam and impact the amount of light emitted by the luminaire. In 2016, the LUNAR light fittings were also awarded a distinction in the "must have 2016" popularity contest .

AQLED – modern LED lighting in a pure form

Since the possibility to individually adjust the parameters of light and its quality is increasingly popular, light fixtures integrated with the source of LED light are gaining popularity. The AQLED family is a line of modern, integrated LED light fixtures. This collection was created in cooperation with the designer Piotr Jagiełłowicz. Thanks to the balanced combination of truncated-cone and cylindrical body, light emitted by the luminaire gains optimal distribution. Here's what Marcin Borowski, the Director of Research and Development Department at Aquaform, says about the project: "We wanted to develop a line of luminaires which would permit designing general light as well as accent lighting indoors, at the same time maintaining the formal continuity of the lamp's shape". We made it - the luminaires, which in terms of their appearance resemble spotlights, offer both focused lighting, perfect for accenting the space, as well as the option with a diffusing screen which eliminates glare - perfect for general lighting.

OLEDRIAN – a blend of technology and art

The OLEDRIAN collection is a result of Aquaform's cooperation with the designer Piotr Jagiełłowicz. The inspiration behind this project was both the world of technology, as well as the world of art. „On one hand we had modern technology - the OLED light sources with the thickness of only 1 mm - and on the other hand we had timeless paintings of Mondrian with their vertical and horizontal lines” – says Wojciech Starowieyski, the CEO of Aquaform. The effect of translating this inspiration into the third dimension is the unusual luminaire of an intriguing form. 6 mm thin aluminium plates bear the heart of the fixture – OLED light sources. The OLED light lacks the harmful UV radiation and due to its remarkable dispersion does not cause glare. These are only some of the advantages of the OLED technology... we wrote more extensively about the features of the OLEDRIAN luminaire when the collection won the iF Design Award 2016 and the MUUUZ International Award (MIAW).

Dobry Wzór (Good Design) 2016 competition

This year's edition of the competition organised by Institute of Industrial Design received a record amount of applications: 222. The IID experts nominate finalists in nine categories. Initially the competition comprised of following categories: home, work and public space. In 2010 a category of services was added to the list, whereas in 2013 the list was expanded by new technologies, applied graphic design and packaging, and new production materials. In this year's edition, a few new categories emerged: transport and communication, and fashion and accessories. 136 products and services which have been qualified to the finals will be exhibited during the post-competition exhibition. The exhibition will be opened from the 21st of October until the 1st of December 2016 in the headquarters of IID in Warsaw. The winners of this year's Dobry Wzór competition will be announced during the formal Gala on the 20th of October 2016. More information on the competition can be found on the organiser's website.

AQUAFORM – A company from Lesser Poland province specialising in the production of luminaires. Aquaform's portfolio includes modern LED and OLED lamps, architectural, general and accenting lighting. The company willingly cooperates with Polish designers, co-creating modern solutions which gain recognition in international competitions such as Dobry Wzór, must have, Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award, or Muuuz International Award (MIAW).

Joanna Piaścik – graduate of the Industrial Design Department at Universität der Künste Berlin. She gained her professional experience in many places including the Front Design in Stockholm. After graduating she opened the DINGFLUX project studio in Warsaw. In her professional work she mostly focuses on product design. The relationship between a product and its potential user plays a major role in her designing process. She happily engages in projects which combine design with other disciplines.

Piotr Jagiełłowicz – graduate of the Industrial Form Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. The author and co-author of many awarded projects, including: the 1st place in the CORAM DESIGN AWARD 2003 as a co-author of the IDEA project, co-author of the work distinguished in the architectural competition for the design of World War II Museum in Gdańsk (2010). First prize winner for the design of an armchair entitled "Monolit" in the competition organised by the KLER company. In co-operation with Aquaform he developed, among others, the equilibra luminaires family, OLEDRIAN, AQLED and THIN TUBE. His equilibra BALANS luminaire was in the finals of Dobry Wzrór competition in 2014, and in 2015 it won the Red Dot Design Award. The OLEDRIAN luminaires were awarded in iF Design Award 2016 and in Muuuz International Award (MIAW) 2016, they are also nominated to the German Design Award 2017.