• PET midi rift LED surface

PET midi rift LED surface

PET midi rift LED natynkowy

Light source: LED, integrated

Dimming options:
Integrated light source

Gear included
PET next rift is a system luminaire which requires the use of several components. The configurator only shows the parameters of the light emitting module.

  • IEC protection class - 1.
  • The minimum distance from the illuminated object or surface - 0.2 m.
  • IP rating - IP20.
  • Luminaire mounting point: ceiling.
  • Illumination direction: directional down
  • Optionally dimmable luminaire.
  • LED integrated
  • Light source in the third MacAdam elipse range.
  • PET midi rift LED natynkowy
200 mm
300 mm
400 mm
500 mm
600 mm
700 mm
800 mm
900 mm
1000 mm