• apartament prywatny / private apartment
  • Location — Warszawa
  • Photographer — Ola Dermont
  • Interior design — MODOSO Interiors

Well-lit modern interior

The MODOSO Interiors design studio has created a modern interior design complemented by fashionable architectural lighting, matching the aesthetics of the project. Elegant, warm in reception and properly lit – the perfect interior for a family with two children and a four-legged friend.

The design of the 160m² house included a day zone, bedroom with a dressing room, two bathrooms, children's bedrooms and a communication zone. The MODOSO Interiors design office is behind the concept and implementation.

Wood in the lead role

The investors' assumption was to create a timeless space, referring to modern yet warm interiors. In other matters customers trusted the MODOSO Interiors studio, which decided to focus on natural materials close to their hearts – for example wooden accents.

Wood adds warmth to the interior and endures time well, covering with a beautiful patina. We have designed natural wooden floors that have been additionally treated with oil. In the project, we used flamed black granite on kitchen countertops and large-format gres tiles” – revealed Przemek Maziarz, architect from MODOSO Interiors.


Modern interiors and modern lighting

In this project, it was important to illuminate the interior due to the lack of natural light – the plot is opposite (the entrance to the property is from the south and the garden is from the north) while the main glazing is located from the north-east.

We chose a large number of mirrors to reflect the sun's rays coming through the kitchen window. The mirrors were also designed to optically enlarge the kitchen and bedroom space. When choosing artificial lighting, we were took into account aesthetics and the possibility of directing luminaires easily. The vertical arrangement of the wall lamp in the bathroom next to the bedroom deserves attention. This arrangement of the frame allows for good light diffusion and does not cause shadows on the face when applying makeup. For this reason, we focused on products from a well-known lighting manufacturer: the AQForm brand” – adds the architect.


THIN TUBE, SLEEK and SET RAW mini – the choice of MODOSO Interiors studio

Luminaires selected by the architects include THIN TUBE LED hermetic wall, SLEEK distance 111x1 QRLED surface and the SET RAW mini LED hermetic wall wall lamp, which have been designed into almost every part of the house. The THIN TUBE collection is often chosen as bathroom mirror lighting due to its linear disposition and shapely form. A wide range of lengths means that one lamp can illuminate mirrors from 40cm to 150cm wide. On the other hand, SLEEK, thanks to the height of only 7cm, is perfect even in low rooms. The ability to direct the light source in the desired direction is an additional advantage – the light will be exactly where we expect it.

used in project

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