• Obiekt administracyjno-biurowy Nadleśnictwo Dretyń
  • Location — Dretyń
  • Interior design — LOFFT ARCHITEKTURA Małgorzata Hendrych-Lubińska

Pure white – the headquarters of the State Forests

The LOFFT Architektura studio is proudly responsible for the metamorphosis of the administrative and office interior of the State Forests headquarters in Dretyń. The architects created a bright space referring to nature and to illuminate the rooms, they used popular luminaires matching the interior style.

Pure white – the headquarters of the State Forests

The LOFFT Architektura studio is proudly responsible for the metamorphosis of the administrative and office interior of the State Forests headquarters in Dretyń. The architects created a bright space referring to nature and to illuminate the rooms, they used popular luminaires matching the interior style.

When designing the interior, the LOFFT Architektura studio focused on the specificity of the work of the State Forests. Inspirations from nature and bright colours – these elements have been integrated into the interior design. The scope of works included the administration and office building, revitalization of office interiors and the creation of new rooms such as: hall, reception and social room.

A revolutionary minimalistic interior

The previous design was full of shades of brown and characterized by a rather dark, gloomy arrangement. It was decided for a complete change and the interior was arranged in white. Thanks to this, the space has become not only brightened, but also optically enlarged. The introduction of natural greenery was also important. This is an obvious reference to nature and the plants have made the room fresh. The investor's assumption was to divide the new office space, use the main hall for reception areas, and illuminate the space with both daylight and artificial light.

Lighting from AQForm to match the interior colours

Natural materials have been used throughout the interior, both in decorative elements on walls and floors and in the production of furniture. There is also a lot of white in the interior design.

“With the prevailing colours, the selection of luminaires was more difficult because a large amount of white required the appropriate light temperature. In case of this project, it was possible with the use of modern BIG SIZE luminaires from the AQForm brand. Selected fixtures combine the arrangements into a coherent whole” – admits the architect.


BIG SIZE – the choice of the LOFFT Architektura studio

The interior design of the State Forests headquarters uses BIG SIZE lighting fixtures with a large luminous surface and high light dispersion. As a result, at the same time the floor and the walls were illuminated with high intensity.

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LOFFT ARCHITEKTURA Małgorzata Hendrych-Lubińska

Pracownia LOFFT świadczy usługi w zakresie architektury i krajobrazu. Oferuje wykonawstwo budowlane oraz wykończenie projektowanej przestrzeni. Biuro projektowe istnieje na rynku od 2005 roku.

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