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  • Location — Oleśnica
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  • Interior design — współpraca: Magdalena Rowińska

Functional lighting in the design of a modern home

The house can be arranged in many ways. Magdalena Rowińska – the author of a blog about lifestyle – knows a lot about it. The blogger used various colour and material solutions, arranging individual rooms in the house according to her own plan. It was supposed to be fashionable, functional and well-thought-out, and the selection of lighting that performed different functions in each part of the house played a large role in the arrangement.

The kitchen is the heart of the house and the lighting complements the kitchen

It was the kitchen that the owner was looking forward to arranging the most. According to the blogger, the kitchen is the center of the home and is the most important place. The kitchen space combines white and wood, and the most distinctive and original accent in its arrangement are the yellow sliding doors. When choosing lighting for the kitchen, the oval shape and minimalistic design of the fixtures were important.

Once again, we focused on the AQForm company. There is a TUBA distance on the ceiling. The white matt colour refers to the white that is present on the ceiling and walls” – says Magdalena Rowińska. Over the bar, a suspended MODERN GLASS Tube E27 luminaire was installed. "I was delighted with the design of the lampshade and the ability to choose its colour, and thus the level of transparency, adapted to individual preferences" - continues the blogger.


Lighting for bathroom

There are many activities in the bathroom that require different types of lighting. When choosing lamps for the bathroom, the blogger took into account the appropriate colour, light intensity and original design.

I opted for recessed ceiling lamps due to the room's height of 255cm. Thus, it was possible to improve the visual effect and increase the space in the bathroom. AQForm has a wide range of products with a very interesting design and high quality, which is extremely important when choosing lighting for a room where the equipment is exposed to humidity” – emphasizes Rowińska. Selected [product_link code="LE0803"] and SET RAW mini LED lamps with 4000K are characterized by modern design and increased tightness.


Ceiling lighting: suspended ceiling with SQUARES luminaire

A suspended ceiling is another element of home decor. For its installation, it was necessary to take a 13cm recess so as not to reduce the usable height of the room and 18cm in width, which allowed for easy installation of the selected lighting fixture.

Often the luminaires are mounted on the ceiling with side screws, and here it is important to leave some space to screw the luminaire to the base fixed to the ceiling. This tunnel geometry allowed me to freely install AQForm lighting fixtures: SQUARES 50x2 230V surface mounted ” – adds the blogger.


The SQUARES luminaire, thanks to its geometric shape, perfectly emphasizes both modern, minimalistic interiors and those with a more traditional character. It is available in both the energy-saving LED version and the version with a traditional light source.

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współpraca: Magdalena Rowińska

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