• Location — Poznań
  • Photographer — Krzysztof Czechowski
  • Interior design — Agnieszka Tyma, Tyma Projekt

Arrangement of an apartment for a traveler, where lighting adds character

An apartment for a person who loves to travel must be an oasis of peace and relaxation. After all, this is the place we come back to from our trip. The architects from Tyma Projekt designed an apartment that offers a space for relaxation, in which the lighting is a clear highlight of the arrangement.

A 75-meter flat, which consists of: a living room with a kitchen, a bedroom, a guest room, a dressing room and a bathroom, is a large space that requires a well-thought-out design. The colours of the apartment refer to the places visited by the investor. The blue, which has been carefully matched from the colour chart, reflects the colour of the ocean. The colour of the walls imitates the sand, and the shade of oiled wood symbolizes the colour of sun-scorched earth.

Lighting as an element which emphasizes the interior design

The apartment is decorated in a minimalistic style. One of the few decorations in the interior are ebony figurines, brought by the investor from Africa. Lighting is also a specific decoration, an indispensable part of the apartment design. By choosing spotlights (sometimes referred to as "spots"), architects break the popular belief that light should always be diffused and evenly distributed.

In this project I used many light sources, including PETPOT spotlights from the AQForm, due to the fact that they give interesting visual effects on the walls, thanks to the possibility of directing the light in different directions" - says the architect from the Tyma Projekt studio.


PETPOT - shapely spotlights with the possibility of movement

The project uses PETPOT track spotlights which, thanks to the possibility of directing them in the selected direction, allow you to focus light on the selected object or part of the apartment. Thanks to this, the light is exactly where we want it to be. The whole is complemented by wall lighting – small lamps on the wall are the perfect recipe for a pleasant evening mood.

used in project

Meet interior designers

Agnieszka Tyma, Tyma Projekt

Architekci z Tyma Projekt zajmują się projektowaniem wnętrz komercyjnych i prywatnych. W skład zrealizowanych projektów wchodzą mieszkania, domy i restauracje. Każdy projekt wymaga indywidualnego podejścia i wielogodzinnych spotkań z klientem. Tyma Projekt stawia na projekty odzwierciedlające pasje i styl życia, jednocześnie uwzględniając wszelkie wytyczne inwestorów.

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