• mieszkanie prywatne / private apartment
  • Location — Opole
  • Photographer — Małgorzata Tenczyńska-Korluk
  • Interior design — FABRYK-ART Agata Chomiak, Maciej Ferenc

A modern apartment with minimalistic lighting

Scandinavian simplicity and Italian chic – these features best reflect the character of the interior designed by the FABRYK-ART studio. The monochrome finish of the apartment was the starting point in the project and the lighting fixtures discreetly complement the entire arrangement.

The 70m² apartment with a small garden has been designed for a couple who appreciates good taste. The location of the estate by the water reservoir, in the picturesque setting of nature, was not without significance.

Interior in harmony with nature

The interior was supposed to blend in with the landscape outside the window, so it was finished in natural, subdued colours. This colour palette refers to the somewhat nostalgic characteristics of the local inhabitants and to the colours of the earth, which brings harmony and peace to the interior, calms and gives coziness. Such a colour scheme makes the interior pleasant both to the eye and to the soul. In addition to the shades of the earth, the design is based on natural materials such as wood or stone imitation.

Lighting from AQForm as an integral part of the decor

The greatest emphasis was placed on finishing materials and their uncompromising quality. Every detail, colour, texture and their combination were important. Interior elements such as tables, chairs, original coffee tables and lighting were also of great importance. Everything has been carefully selected, both in terms of design and materials. Investors wanted simplicity of form and modern minimalism. In the case of lighting, the choice of a specific lighting fixtures always depends on the nature of the interior.

Lamps are an integral part of the interior design and here the design assumption was simplicity and economy of form. That is why our choice fell towards the MIXLINE LED ceiling lamps from AQForm. The other lamps – above the table or the wall lamp by the sofa – are a continuation of the idea that the blackness of the lighting should fill the space, giving it a graphic character” – says Agata Chomiak, architect from FABRYK-ART studio.


MIXLINE LED – the choice of the FABRYK-ART studio

The project uses ceiling lighting MIXLINE LED surface, which are characterized by a linear shape, while remaining discreet and minimalistic. In a neat form MIXLINE combines two types of lighting: diffused (working as general interior lighting) and focused task lighting.

used in project

Meet interior designers

FABRYK-ART Agata Chomiak, Maciej Ferenc

Projektanci z pracowni FABRYK-ART tworzą wnętrza na bazie kompleksowego podejściu do zadania, a ich celem jest wykreowanie takiej przestrzeni, w której użytkownicy będą czuć się komfortowo przez lata. W tym wnętrzu projektanci wyszli od czarnych opraw oświetleniowych, a skończyli na dodatkach w tym właśnie kolorze: klamkach, uchwytach mebli kuchennych itd.

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