• loft
  • Location — Zielona Góra
  • Photographer — Krzysztof Strażyński STUDIO
  • Interior design — Fanajło Home Design Decor

An industrially styled design with a sparkle of elegance

A flat that combines many passions is the leitmotif of the Zielona Góra project created by the Fanajło Home Design Decor studio. This 82m² space with an entresol is a response to investors' passions, but also a comfortable residential interior and a zone for relaxation and work. The elegance full of industrial splendor has been illuminated by AQForm luminaires.

Industrial style in an elegant version

An apartment in Zielona Góra is a functional interior that meets all the needs of investors – from a place for chinchillas cage, through comfortable bookshelves, to an mat exercise zone. There is also a space for receiving guests and playing board games. The project of Katarzyna Fanajło from the Fanajło Home Design Decor studio is an industrial variation in an elegant edition. Light austerity in the form of structural steel and technical elements has been insulated with golden accessories, French oak parquet and wall stucco.

Investors love natural plants, but so far they could not afford them due to the small amount of daylight. In the project, the lighting of the loft space turned out to be a considerable arrangement challenge. AQForm brand came to the rescue. The high buildings are illuminated by PET next LED track, the atmosphere above the kitchen island is created by MODERN GLASS E27 spider suspended  fittings, and the general lighting is provided by diffused TRU LED suspended light.

MODERN GLASS collection in the Fanajło Home Design Decor project

I used photometric calculations that allowed me to extract the space and create an atmosphere. Thanks to the lighting of the Polish brand AQForm, the project includes MODERN GLASS and SET RAW luminaires as well as modern lighting on tracks - says architect Katarzyna Fanajło.


Decorative glass fixtures suspended from the ceiling create an interesting composition, while gently illuminating the table and the island. The other lighting elements are a subtle detail that allows you to bring out its unique character from the project.

Wall lighting: modern tracks and a movable wall lamp

When choosing lighting solutions, it is worth thinking about how the light will be distributed in three dimensions – how it will illuminate the floor and walls. If there are paintings, stuccoes or elegant furniture on the interior walls, you need to emphasize them with the appropriate light.

The movable  SET RAW mini move LED wall mounted above the picture causes the light to softly flow around the wall, bringing out a work of art from it. On the other hand, high vertical surfaces in the living room were illuminated from tracks. Moving spotlights PET next LED track can be easily directed to the desired direction and thus model the entire space with light.

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