• Location — Leszno
  • Photographer — Tom Kurek
  • Interior design — Jan Sikora

An industrial-style apartment from the Sikora Wnętrza studio

The loft style is full of space and functionality. The industrial atmosphere of the interior is created by the materials used and carefully selected lighting. The perfect concept is in the details. The Sikora Wnętrza studio, which designed an apartment in a 19th-century factory, knows this very well. The functional and decorative AQForm lighting turned out to be invaluable

Modern and industrial interior

Sikora Wnętrza was faced with the challenge of adapting an old forge located in the Pump Factory. The place was committed to the original décor, in a way referring to the loft style itself, but the real magic came from the hands of the architects.

“When I saw this object, I was speechless. It had the perfection of old, dirty walls, a unique atmosphere and smell of a forge. It was truly extraordinary – the concept came into my mind right away. I saw an uncompromising space where I would leave what is raw: walls, floors, industrial elements and add softness of fabrics and greenery. I saw a place with an unforced, but austere and elegant character” – says architect Jan Sikora.


Lighting in the loft interior

In the interior designed by the studio, contrast was the key. Architects have broken the brick and concrete structure with a neutral, but elegant and matte blackness. The space is filled with greenery and original equipment. The choice of lighting solution was also important – for an industrial space, it is worth choosing one that will perfectly emphasize the texture of the walls. Spotlights work well in this role.

“The use of tracks is also great – it is a simple and elegant solution that is very functional: depending on your needs, you can change the light source and adapt it to your vision. We chose PET luminaires from the AQForm brand” – comments the architect.


PET luminaires – a selection of the Sikora Wnętrza studio

In the adaptation project of the old forge, the architects focused on both functional and decorative lighting. The decorative function of lighting has been achieved by means of various solutions: from old factory fluorescent lamps, through a lamp made of crystals, to modern and minimalistic PET lighting on tracks.

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