• dom jednorodzinny
  • Location — Masłów
  • Interior design — Joanna Trela, BP ARCHITEKT MAREK TRELA

A modern interior inspired by nature

The design of the architect Joanna Trela is an interior inspired by nature with a hint of modernity. Stone and the colour palette of natural wood create a harmonious duo. The home haven responds to both interior design expectations and various activities of the household members. The interior of the house is emphasized by lighting from AQForm.

A combination of modernity and nature in the interior design

The house in Masłów is a 115m² living space with bedrooms, bathrooms, an art studio, a sports and recreation area and the necessary utility rooms. There are also storage places inside. The leitmotif of the project was a modern style that was combined with nature in the form of dark stone slate on the walls, oak veneer and compositions of porcelain and wooden floors.

The shades of gray and golden elements are a decorative break here. Upholstered furniture introduces a cozy accent, and the combination of nature with soft finishing materials and golden colours contributes to the fact that the owners of the house in Masłów can enjoy modernity combined with the warmth of a home haven.

The role of lighting in the interior design inspired by nature

One of the key roles in the arrangement of the house in Masłów is played by light. We can find RAFTER points LED luminaires, which look attractive against the background of an oak ceiling, flowing smoothly into the wooden housing of the stairs. The slender PET next LED also deserve attention, as they separate the lounge area from the communication lane. The designer also took care of well-lit communication routes and chose LENS LINE luminaires, which, thanks to their simple linear shape, perfectly fit into the surroundings.

“The colours of the oak, which are the background for the golden fittings of the Polish brand AQForm, perfectly harmonize with them and enhance the expected warmth effect. The colour of the wood is additionally emphasized by the coluor temperature of the light source, which was assumed in this project at 3000K” – says the author of the project.


When choosing luminaires, you should be guided primarily by the type of room you want to illuminate. Lighting is a broad issue that is the basis for creating attractive or simply pretty spaces. It is worth paying a lot of attention to it in each project – thanks to this, the implementation will be not only practical, but above all aesthetic.

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