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  • Location — Andrychów
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A functional office and its lighting

The place where we work should not only be functional and comfortable, but above all adapted to the needs of employees. To meet them, many factors must be taken into account, and one of the most important ones is the selection of appropriate lighting that promotes efficiency and concentration during the performance of duties. The designers from TIKA DESIGN, who created cabinets and office spaces for the insurance company, knew this very well. Lighting fixtures from AQForm turned out to be a great support in the implementation of the project.

A functional office and its lighting

The place where we work should not only be functional and comfortable, but above all adapted to the needs of employees. To meet them, many factors must be taken into account, and one of the most important ones is the selection of appropriate lighting that promotes efficiency and concentration during the performance of duties. The designers from TIKA DESIGN, who created cabinets and office spaces for the insurance company, knew this very well. Lighting fixtures from AQForm turned out to be a great support in the implementation of the project.

An ergonomic office for the insurance company

Combining a modern look and functionality of an office with the needs of employees is a real challenge. Designers from TIKA DESIGN came across it while designing a modern space, which is a showcase of an insurance company, where staying is supposed to be comfortable and pleasant for employees. For this to happen, it was necessary to separate the area for customer service with an emphasis on privacy during calls and appropriate acoustic properties.

“In the case of this project, the key issue was to determine the most ergonomically functional layout. We also tried to take into account contemporary trends in the design of service interiors. When developing the concept, we decided that the main role would be played by the wallpaper, which has a distinct colour and characteristic texture, and around it we built a modern interior with the addition of interesting elements” says designer Michał Palka from the TIKA DESIGN studio.


The designers focused on modern simplicity. The colour base is shades of gray, and the character is enhanced by a strong accent in the form of a golden wallpaper. The whole is complemented by wooden elements and a navy blue shade that goes well with other colours.

Office lighting

In addition to work ergonomics and modern interior design, the designers also took care of the selection of appropriate lighting. Everything for the sake of the comfort and quality of work of office users.

“Each workstation requires appropriate lighting and adaptation to applicable standards. It is important to consult selected solutions with professionals in the field of light, i.e. lighting designers. We chose MAXI RING dot LED from the AQForm brand because of the hidden light source that prevents the glare effect and at the same time well illuminates the desk space. We also picked SET TRU LED from the same manufacturer, because we liked the minimalistic design of the luminaires and the strong luminous flux” adds Ewelina Jaszczurowska from the TIKA DESIGN studio.


MAXI RING dot LED and RAFTER LED – the choice of the TIKA DESIGN studio

The project used MAXI RING dot LED and RAFTER LED luminaires from AQForm. The minimalistic design of the luminaires and the possibility of proportional illumination of the desk without the glare effect decided about the choice.

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