The world of lighting constantly evolves.

2017-05-12 Thanks to sophisticated research we get to know better and better how the light affects our organisms, how it models interiors and how to optimise its usage. Various sophisticated control systems and LED luminaires gave us vast possibilities of technical parameters customisation, allowing to adjust the light to individual needs. Observing the changes, we created new view on Aquaform lighting. 2017 catalogue we presents LED collection in totally different graphic layout which allows to identify all the available parameters of the luminaire quickly. We also created extended catalogue number, which makes it easier to organise the most important product information.

2017 catalogue is mainly a detailed presentation of the new LED luminaires, but on the beginning of each section we included short overview of the full Aquaform offer. In a special way we presented collections, which were appreciated on the various international contests. They were shown in a separate chapter, with a short article for every family, allowing to get to know better with the products. While designing new luminaires we prepared many inspirational arrangements with them.

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New products from the 2017 catalogue will be available from June 2017.