The second edition of fascinating journeys in the footsteps of light #AQFonTour gets underway

Take part in the second edition of the #AQFonTour series and join a journey inspired by light, full of fascinating curiosities and amazing places! Take a picture of the new AQForm catalogue in the original interior or, if you prefer - outside. Show us where our newest catalogue was with you and win a set of gifts!

There is a special time ahead of us, when the days are getting longer and the air is filled with the smell of freshly mown grass. The summer idyll is the perfect time to slow down and immerse yourself in your favourite book. For all enthusiasts of modern lighting solutions, we have a must-have: the new AQForm catalogue , which will take you to the world of well-lit interiors.

Take part in the second edition of #AQFonTour and show us where you are browsing through the latest AQForm catalogue. An exotic beach, a mountain peak or maybe the interior of your favourite museum? Take a photo of the catalogue anywhere in the world and win a set of gifts!

In the previous edition of #AQFonTour we visited more than 20 places, including even distant Australia! Where will our catalogue go this year?

Join the second edition of the #AQFonTour series and enjoy the charms of summer with a solid dose of lighting inspiration!

Details of the competition in the regulations.