See what happened during the Warsaw Home 2021 expo!

The Warsaw Home expo is behind us. These were four very intense days of inspiring meetings, and thank you for all the visits! We cordially invite you to our short report from the event – see what happened at our stand. Spoiler alert: at the end of the article you will find a short video :)

This year, at our stand, we’ve focused completely on... light. Do you have the impression that, in the case of a lighting company, this is a truism? Not necessarily! During an expo, products often play the leading role. We've decided to approach the issue in a different way and prepared a stand where you had the opportunity to participate in a quick training concerning lighting and pick up our original brochure - 5 principles for choosing lighting. The idea for such a stand constitutes a continuation of our webinars concerning light, which we have been carrying out for over a year.

At our stand it was possible to see what lighting layers are and how to use them, when to illuminate the walls and when to illuminate the floor, or how to use colour temperatures – all of this was presented thanks to the PET next collection mounted on tracks. Thanks to this, we've complemented the entire thing with a quick and at the same time concise training in the field of popular track systems!

There was also lighting used to show what visual comfort is and why it's important. We had the opportunity to see this thanks to, for example, the milky lampshades of the MODERN BALL luminaires, the reflected light of the DOT, as well as the RAFTER luminaire with a recessed light source

Using the PET micro and PET next wall luminaires as an example it was possible to observe how light shapes space while MODERN GLASS, MAXI POINT, GRAPH and GOLO luminaires gracefully proved that light can not only illuminate but also decorate a space.

Co jeszcze pokazaliśmy na Warsaw Home? Please check out the video report and a photo summary!