See the new catalogue of luminaires shipped in a few days!

Need fixtures right away? No problem! Quick Shipment is a catalogue of products shipped within 2-5 business days. You will find there a wide range of comprehensive lighting solutions that successfully meet the specific needs of both private and public interiors. Download the new QS brochure and enjoy fixtures available almost immediately!

Check out the comprehensive QS offer

Are the electricians "coming in" in a few days? Or maybe it's time for a spontaneous renovation? No problem! Check out the new QS catalogue - a collection of proven methods, comprehensive solutions, and the latest lighting innovations. You will find fixtures available in just a few days, are shipped within 2-5 working days. QS is an offer tailored to the needs of every type of interior - from private homes, through offices, to hotels.

Choose modern lighting

The new QS catalogue offers even more effective solutions to meet the specific needs of private and public interiors. You will find there, among others: fixtures with integrated LED sources from popular collections such as PET or RAFTER, the most popular track system configurations, as well as decorative fixtures such as CONA or OKKA. But that's not all! The QS offer also includes many outdoor luminaires that will help create a unique space around a hotel or home.

Download the new QS catalogue and see what we have prepared!

QS offers the most popular luminaires that comprehensively respond to various needs of interiors. Luminaires available in stock are shipped within 48 hours from order confirmation, while others are produced within 5 working days. We always confirm the delivery time, so you can be sure that your order will be delivered on time. Download the QS catalogue and enjoy luminaires with short delivery times!