Now available! New luminaires from the spring offer

Are you looking for decorative fixtures that will allow creating an atmospheric ambience in a living room, hotel, or restaurant? Or perhaps you are wondering how to effectively illuminate your bathroom mirror to provide users with comfort during their daily beauty routine. Discover what's new in our spring offer to help you create functional interiors, tailored to your specific needs! Download the brochure, and learn more about the new products.

Discover the new variants of IKI and MODERN GLASS decorative luminaires

In some places, all that matters is the right atmosphere. An atmospheric restaurant, café, or modern hotel definitely require proper lighting. That is when new variants of decorative luminaires, complementing the IKI family - IKI round E27 in the suspended version and IKI round wall in the form of an original wall lamp, come in handy. Both emit a subtle light that will provide a discreet atmosphere in the interior or illuminate a table in a unique manner.

The fixtures were created in collaboration with Andrzej Klisz, a Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. We have good news for aficionados of decorative fixtures - MODERN GLASS collection has been extended to include new corrugated glass finishes. Thanks to this, task lighting is now not only effective but also extremely stylish.

Discover the new versions of fixtures from the popular PET collection

The popular PET family has been extended with new PET next mini rift variant. Despite its small size, the luminaire surprises with its numerous capabilities, elegant character, and excellent technical performance. It will work perfectly as accent lighting, highlighting favourite details in the interior, or as task lighting - effectively illuminating the surface of a table or counter. PET next mini rift is distinguished by the possibility of selecting a body from 20 to 100 cm long and combining different finishing colours within a single frame. This makes it an invitation to create original compositions, especially in a group of several luminaires.

PET family has also been enriched by PET E27, a decorative fixture for interchangeable light sources, available in as many as 3 mounting methods: recessed, surface-mounted, and suspended. Decorative sources, which you can also find in our new offer, will add an original touch to the interior. This is a great solution that works wherever you want to create unique atmosphere that works in favour of relaxation.

Meet the new members of RAFTER family

RAFTER collection has been complemented with a new RAFTER points variant in a version of a cased spotlight as well as two additional lengths of surface-mounted fixtures. Such precise task lighting will allow to effectively emphasize the chosen detail without illuminating the surrounding space. In addition, thanks to its deeply embedded diodes, RAFTER points provides the highest visual comfort, protecting the user's eyesight against unpleasant glare.

Are you looking for flexible solutions? Discover the new possibilities of PUTT

We know how important flexibility is in interiors. That is why we've complemented PUTT family with new variants: PUTT move and PUTT hermetic. PUTT move, a recessed spotlight in a moveable version, allowing to direct the light exactly where you need it. In addition, the luminaire can account for several lighting angles to choose from, as well as excellent efficiency and effective glare protection.

On the other hand, PUTT hermetic, with its high IP54/20 protection class, is perfect for rooms with high levels of humidity, such as bathrooms. As a result, the fixture guarantees complete safety even when splashed with water. The product is available in two sizes: mini and midi, as well as a moveable version. The minimalist design of PUTT move and hermetic makes both variants a perfect match for modern interiors, emphasizing their unique character.

An effective way to light up a mirror: THIN TUBE twist

Some cosmetic procedures, such as shaving or applying makeup, require particular precision. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that the face of the person standing in front of the mirror is properly illuminated. THIN TUBE twist will be perfect for the job. Thanks to refreshed optics, it will illuminate the face even better, allowing you to see every detail. Whereas, the fixture's excellent technical performance results in that it can be successfully used in domestic bathrooms as well as in hotels and restaurants.

Fixtures for outdoor use: ONLY round mini exterior and DART

The spring offer could not be complete without outdoor lighting options. Our new options include a refreshed ONLY round mini exterior variant with an increased protection class. Moreover, the recessed version of the fixture requires very little space (mounting height < 80mm). Thanks to this, an evening drive home or back to the hotel will now not only be pleasant, but above all safe.

We have also extended our spring offer with a new length of DART, of up to 100 cm! Emphasizing your favourite elements in the garden will no longer be a problem.

Allow yourself to be surprised by the rich functionality of the new spring offer!

Our spring offer constitutes a response to the constantly changing needs. Among the novelties, you will find new variants of IKI decorative fixtures, as well as completely new product proposals from popular PET and RAFTER families. The offer also had to include specialized bathroom lighting - THIN TUBE twist, which will work perfectly when effectively illuminating the face, and PUTT hermetic, with its high protection class, dedicated for interiors with increased humidity. PUTT collection has also been extended with PUTT move variant, a recessed spotlight in a moving version. The new offer also includes outdoor lighting options. ONLY round mini exteriors with a refreshed design will take care of making your return home after dusk pleasant and, above all, safe. Don't wait! Download the brochure, and discover our new offer!

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