New offer full of colours! Discover luminaires in new shades

Refreshing play of colours or stylish monochrome? The choice of shades in the interior has a significant impact on its perception, which is why attention to every detail is so important. In our offer you will find fixtures that successfully meet these needs, and are bursting with colours! Fashionable taupe, timeless terracotta, and soon... a new shade of grey. Which one do you choose?

Choose the natural shades: taupe and terracotta

Natural colours have been very popular in the interiors for a long time. They are timeless and elegant, providing an excellent background for other shades. That's why last year we expanded our offer with new shades: taupe and terracotta, which perfectly fit the unwavering trend of earthy colours. Fixtures in these colours correspond perfectly with natural materials, white or grey, creating a exceptionally cozy atmosphere. Properly arranged, they are an interesting visual accent that adds aesthetic spiciness to the interior.

Comming soon... a new shade of grey!

Neutral gray, although quite inconspicuous at first glance, has been triumphing in interiors for a long time. It brings visual balance and corresponds perfectly with other colours. Therefore, our offer will be soon expanded to include luminaires in this shade as well. They will allow you to create an elegant arrangement in which modern lighting perfectly matches current trends.

Stylish play of colours or elegant monochrome?

Are you wondering how to add colour expression to your arrangement? Or maybe are you interested how to ensure coziness and harmony in the interior? Choose the luminaires in shades of taupe and terracotta, which are available as standard for selected products, but on request, we can prepare most of our fixtures in the new colours or colour mixes. Additionally, we are expanding our offer with a new shade of grey, which fits even better into the latest trends in private and public spaces. More details coming soon!