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Modern LED lighting combining the task and accent function: RAFTER mix.

It used to be simpler in the past. We only needed to put one lamp on a desk and fit it with a light bulb bought in the nearby newsstand to begin our work. Was it better? Not necessarily. In the past, the available technology did not enable designing lamps tailored to specific functions. Matching the product to the function allows you to create much more efficient solutions. And now we have this opportunity. What's more, thanks to advanced LED technology, we can design and make lamps that combine functions that once seemed impossible to contain within a single product.

The awareness, that the luminaire is embedded in a multifaceted space and the world does not end at the edge of a desk, is rising. The increase in awareness is visible not only among engineers designing luminaires, but also among the end users. We all see that the game is about one space. There may be a picture on the wall next to the desk that needs to be better displayed. There may be a beautiful flower or worth-illuminating bookcase. That is why we focus more and more on solutions that allow us to light up the space in a complex way. A complementary way - using one luminaire (or one collection). How is this possible?

A complex solution

Modern LED lighting allows to combine several lighting functions within a single product. An example is the RAFTER mix – a new family in AQForm. Among other, it consists of points modules, dedicated to task lighting. Such solution raises the intensity of light on a selected surface, like desk top or floor. What is important, both good quality LED performance and the used optics ensure that this is done with low power consumption. The RAFTER mix can also include PET mini modules - slim rollers mounted on joints that allow movement and direction of light. Thanks to this, they can be responsible for accent lighting. No need to use additional luminaires.

There is also the possibility of combining diffused light with points task light. Then the module with the diffuser brings the general light on a large surface, while the points modules guarantee high light intensity on the surface just below. What is the use of it all?

Consistent form with multiple possibilities

The RAFTER mix family consists of several luminaires of various lengths. In this case, the length affects not only the shape of the luminaire but also its function. To which roles each version is suited?

  1. This is the shortest of luminaires in this family. Affectionately called PET mini 7 x3. Why? Because it is a darling within the RAFTER mix family. In one profile, it combines three movable PET mini modules. This luminaire will be useful primarily in the lighting of communication spaces and as accent lighting. It will be appreciated especially as a solution for hallways and vestibules where, besides floor lighting, it is also important to direct the light towards the cabinets and storage spaces, which are used most often.

  2. Longer luminaires RAFTER mix 94 and RAFTER mix 133 offer a mix of points and PET mini modules. That's why they fully combine the functions of task and accent lighting. For example, they work well as a desk lighting. Installed above the desk, will provide adequate lighting of table top, thanks to the light directed down from the points modules. In addition, each PET mini module can be directed in a differently. To a nearby painting, favorite cabinet or flowers. The luminaire can also be used to highlight longitudinal corridors and halls, including those of larger sizes. Thanks to the points modules, we will increase the intensity on the floor, and the spotlights can be directed towards walls, shelves or paintings.

  3. The version RAFTER mix 57 is a lamp ideal for communication zones, which also have a representative function. The down-light module ensures optimum light intensity on the floor, while maintaining a minimal glare. Small reflectors with the possibility of directing the light allow you to clearly emphasize paintings, reliefs and draperies. In doing this they’ll be extremely effectively, because the light emitted towards the floor will have no effect on the intensity of light on the other main surfaces.

  4. The last proposal is the longest representative of the RAFTER mix family: a luminaire dedicated to lighting workplaces, providing task lighting and general lighting. The module with a diffuser illuminates the surroundings of the workplace, while the points modules provide task lighting on the key work surface.

Modern LED lighting gives us the opportunity to create tailor-made solutions. It is worth using it fully!