MULTITRACK - magnetic lighting tracks

Lighting tracks are a very flexible solution. The ease of changing the location of lamps within the track without the need for forging walls and with the possibility of supplying multiple luminaires with one power point – these are just some of the advantages of such systems. MULTITRACK – novelty in the AQForm offer – is additionally distinguished by: a minimalist form that emphasizes the aesthetics of the interior, safe 48V voltage inside the track (thanks to which you can create compositions at a hand reach) and even easier moving of the fittings within the track. You just insert the magnet adapter. All this ensures freedom in creating arrangements using MULTITRACK.

MULTITRACK – a safe solution installed also at a hand reach

Modern MULTITRACK lighting tracks consist of aluminum profiles with integrated electric wires. The voltage inside the track is 48V. This voltage is safe for humans, so MULTITRACK can also be used in places within easy reach. Available accessories and angle connectors allow you to create complex systems not only on the ceiling. They also enable a direct transition from the ceiling to the wall. Placing MULTITRACK in eye-sight areas is not a problem, thanks to its refined aesthetics. Minimalistic magnetic adapters form one neat line when placed in the track.

Very easy mounting of luminaires in tracks thanks to magnet adapters

The big advantage of the MULTITRACK system is the ease of moving luminaires within the track. A special steel flat bar is placed in the track, while a magnet is placed in the luminaire adapter. Thanks to this no tools are needed to attach or detach the dedicated lamp within the magnetic adapter. The ability to quickly modify the placement of lamps gives you a great flexibility both at the design stage and during use. When necessary, you can adapt the lighting to the changing needs. If you move your favorite chair to another place or add a new table within the track range, moving or adding lighting modules is a matter of minutes.

Three mounting versions ensuring design freedom

MULTITRACK can be mounted in three ways: recessed, surface-mounted and hanging. In surface-mounted and hanging versions the track profile remains the same. The differences are: the way it is prepared and mounting accessories needed (e.g. cable attachment, steel cable). After mounting, the visible parts of the recessed track have the same dimensions as the surface-mounted and hanging version. Thanks to uniform shapes, the aesthetics of MULTITRACK – regardless of the mounting method – remains consistent.

AQForm lamps for the MULTITRACK system

We offer a whole range of dedicated fittings for MULTITRACK tracks. These luminaires have a built-in 48V converter in the adapter and a magnet for quick mounting in the track. All fixtures for the MULTITRACK system are available in two finishes: black matte and white matte. All fixtures for the MULTITRACK system can be found at the bottom of the article and in this link.

How to compose a MULTITRACK system?

The MULTIRACK system requires the use of a separate central power source, which can be placed, for example, behind the GK plate, on a suspended ceiling or in an external box shielding the power source. Luminaires for the MULTITRACK system are available in two control variants: On-Off and DALI.

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Scheme of MULTITRACK recessed system

Scheme of MULTITRACK surface-mounted and suspended system

Magnetic lighting tracks

The new MULTITRACK track system is a design solution with a refined aesthetics. Magnets in the adapter enable very easy plug, unplug and slide lamps processes within the track. This guarantees great freedom of arrangement – in a few minutes you can change the mounting location of each fitting within the track. Safe 48V voltage within the track makes MULITRACK even more flexible and opens the possibility of creating lighting arrangements not only on the ceiling, but also on the walls.

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