MODERN GLASS mini: jewellery for the interior

MODERN GLASS mini is a luminaire combining decorative character with excellent technical performance. The long slender shades are a kind of decoration of the interior, while the high-quality light successfully illuminates the surface of a table, counter or tabletop. This makes MODERN GLASS mini an interesting proposition for private and public interiors. It will work well in a home living room, a modern restaurant or a hotel lobby. What else is there to surprise you with in this unprecedented luminaire?

Decorative luminaire with excellent technical performance

Often the decorative nature of a luminaire is not matched by its high technical performance. Then we have to choose between products that do their job properly, illuminating the space we care about, and those that simply look good. MODERN GLASS mini collection solves both of these problems. The long, slender shades are an original decoration for the interior, while the excellent performance guarantees high-quality task lighting. As a result, MODERN GLASS mini, whether in a group of several luminaires or solo, provides just the right amount of light on the tabletop, while at the same time acting as a showpiece for the entire arrangement.

Learn the recipe for effective table lighting

MODERN GLASS mini boasts the performance typical of architectural lighting, concealed in a decorative, slender shade. In a group of several luminaires, it will add a chic touch to the arrangement, while effectively illuminating tables and tea tables. The configurable colour finishes and lamp shade lengths make MODERN GLASS mini an invitation to play with its form. CRI>90 ensures excellent colour reproduction, while the recessed light source protects users' vision from glare, guaranteeing the highest visual comfort. 

Task lighting in a decorative form

MODERN GLASS mini combines two features in a one product: it provides excellent technical performance, typical of architectural lighting, while at the same time surprising with its decorative form. The slender lampshades, now also available in the form of ornamental glass, are an original decoration for modern arrangements. The luminaire is perfect as task lighting for a table, counter or tabletop, making it a perfect fit with the character of both private and public spaces. Let yourself be surprised by the wide range of possibilities of MODERN GLASS mini and decide on stylish lighting with a decorative character and great technical parameters!