Modernity meets the classics in the Modern Glass collection. The interior in those fittings is made of minimalistic aluminum elements, while the exterior – hand-made lamp shades are made of high quality Czech glass. The result of this unusual combination is a line of luminaires with a wide range of configurations and applications.

The Modern Glass collection gives you a choice between three types of light sources: E27 socket matches a traditional light bulb and, while being the most universal type, it allows light’s emission in all directions. The GU10 version gives a beam of light directed downwards, which makes it ideal for dining tables in homes, cafes and restaurants.  The LED version offers high efficient, slightly diffused light directed downwards.

The Modern Glass range was created in cooperation with the Czech DECHEM design office.  - At the beginning we watched the play of light on the glass. It turned out that the most interesting effects can be obtained using the simple forms of a tube or a cone. Glass of appropriate thickness allows the light to gently float around the surface of the luminaire – says Jakub Jand'ourek, one of the designers of the project.