**MAXI RING** is a luminaire delivering comfortable general light. It has two versions: one with a diffuser, and second with light reflected from the luminaire’s interior. The first of them is offering more powerful, diffused light and whole range of extra options like wireless control (AQsmart) or colour temperature control, called Tunable-White. Thanks to possibility of adjusting colour temperature of light, the same room can be illuminated with warm, cosy light as well as much cooler light, which energizes both body and mind.

Second version – **MAXI RING dot** – is a new look of very well-known shape among AQFom designs. New version is using indirect light. It is interesting propositions for general lighting in for example residences and restaurants. Version with golden interior is particularly interesting – in this variant, light is reflected by golden surface, which is making it warmer and creates relaxing atmosphere.