Linear LED Lighting - discover LENS LINE LED from Aquaform

2016-10-06 LENS LINE LED is a new look at Aquaform linear lighting. Instead of the diaphragms, it proposes modularly arranged lenses, which give control over the lighting angle of the lamp. What is important, thanks to directional optics, the glare effect was reduced. LENS LINE LED emits high-quality LED light with wireless control. What else, besides efficiency and long lighting time (>60 000h is 7 years of lighting for 24/7), is offered by a collection of LENS LINE LED?

Linear lighting: optimal illumination of houses, offices or galleries

Because the lenses and LED diodes are arranged linearly in the LENS LINE LED fittings, these fittings work very well as lamps above the table or a lighting of picture. The family was designed on the basis of the lighting module consisting of 5 LED diodes. This makes the LENS LINE LED able to be easily adjusted to the dimensions of the enlightened interior. Lighting design with LENS LINE LED collection facilitates the possibility to choose between 2 power and lighting options: version BV (basic version) and version EV (evolution version). What is their characteristic? In version BV, 5 diodes lighting module with 5W power offers a light flux of 600lm. Version EV is 1060lm with 10W power.

Collection LENS LINE LED - wall lamps, suspended lamps, surface-mounted lamps and recessed lamps

The fittings LENS LINE LED exist in 4 ways of assembly: ceiling lamps, recessed lighting, wall and suspended lamps. Thanks to the varied lighting angles (narrow angle 25°, and wide lighting angles: 40°, 60° or 80°) both accent lighting, decorative lighting and functional general lighting may be designed with LENS LINE LED. Imagine an office enlightened by a distributed, soft light with lens with wide angle or a picture enlightened by the light with high colour rendering index (CRI>90), which shows a wide range of color... Can a modern expression of a project be more highlighted? It is possible - LENS LINE LED occurs in a mixed veneer. It is an interesting solution for the sophisticated interiors.

Integrated LED lights = new perspective on lighting design

Integrated LED lighting offers the ability to customize the properties of lighting fittings to any project needs, what significantly facilitates lighting design. An extra facility of LENS LINE LED is a possibility of choosing one of the 2 variants of power and light (EV and BV). An interesting option is the possibility to control, both traditionally and with modern, wireless technology. Modular layout of lenses with high permeability (> 90%), in groups of 5, and the possibility to create system combined solutions at an angle of 90° make application of LENS LINE even more flexible. Because the collection occurs as hanging lamps, wall lamps, surface-mounted fittings and recessed lamps, LENS LINE LED is a broad look at the lighting. Linear lighting with a choice of lighting angle.