Lighting trends 2021

Do you know which lighting trends will shine bright in 2021?

Playing with trends and combining them allows you to create a space that suits your taste and needs. 2021 will certainly capture some of the already known trends in lighting, but also it will surprise us with completely new solutions. What will be trendy in 2021? What lighting should be taken into account when designing a space? Based on our market observations and purchasing trends in recent months, we have selected several trends that in our opinion will be on top in this season. Find out which luminaires to choose to feel better, work more efficiently and at the same time not tire your eyesight! We invite you for a subjective tour of the trends in lighting in 2021.

Trendy lighting of 2021: discover luminaires that combine style with modern technology

Fortunately, the times when luminaires had only one function - they either looked good or shone correctly, are gone. Due to the growing awareness of the role of the light in our daily lives, now lighting is not only an aesthetic matter, but also a comfort. In addition to the appropriate amount of light in the room, we pay more attention to its quality: reproducing the colour of illuminated objects or the lack of glare and hence user’s comfort and safety. Nobody wants to tire their eyesight in a place where we spend most of the day. Therefore, modern solutions, such as hybrid optics, microprismatic cover or an enlarged shielding angle care for our the visual comfort - they illuminate, but they don’t glare.

An example of our response to the trend of combining technology and modern design is the new generation of PET next. The decorative ring in this luminaire plays a double role - it allows you to play with the finish of the product, thanks to which it emphasizes the individual character of the interior and protects eyes from unpleasant glare, guaranteeing visual comfort. PET next is a perfect proof that modern luminaires successfully combine functionality with a good design.

Trendy interior design 2021 - the great return of glass, spherical forms

The beauty hidden in the objects around us helps to create unique stories. It builds space and has a positive influence on our well-being. Glass lampshades in the form of a ball have been shyly returning to our interiors for some time. Such simple, geometric luminaires are ageless and match perfectly with most interiors. Therefore, in our opinion, this trend will stay with us longer!

Lighting such as MODERN BALL is a combination of a beautiful, simple form and functionality. Milky glass gently diffuses the light, which is extremely comfortable for our eyesight. This proposal will be perfect as a decorative and at the same time extremely efficient, general lighting or a stylish wall lamp. If you are looking for the best solutions this year, choose the roundness!

Multifunctional lighting guarantees complete freedom

The growing awareness of customers has meant that the perception of the role of lighting products is changing more and more. Therefore, this year the multi functionality will be especially appreciated. We know very well how difficult it is sometimes to find a solution that will meet all expectations. There is no compromise on some points. Especially when it comes to our well-being and performance!

In response to this problem, the lighting industry surprises with better and better ideas. You can choose luminaires that combine several functions, e.g. RAFTER mix, which, thanks to the deeply embedded modules, on the one hand effectively increases the light intensity on the work surface or on the floor and on the other hand, thanks to graceful PET mini cylinders, that can be directed at your favourite detail or a shelf, it effectively accentuates it with the light.

Similar possibilities are presented by the MIXLINE system lighting, which can be combined in three ways: straight, angular or in the wall-ceiling position, which gives even more options for interior design. The combination of several functions in one product not only saves energy and money, but above all, it offers a great comfort and efficiency. So why not make your life easier and bet in the new year on intelligent multi-functional lighting?

Lighting trends - emphasize fashionable details of the arrangement

The character of the interior is created by details. Favourite photos, paintings, posters or plants - all of this makes the interior unique. That is why it is worth emphasizing such elements, allowing them to come out of the shade by the right accentuation with the light.

A series of luminaires with asymmetrical optics, such as the RAFTER wall washer, are perfect for this type of tasks. These ceiling-mounted luminaires emit light towards the wall and subtly add shine to your favourite details.

Another solution that grow in popularity is track-mounted reflectors. The tracks make it possible to adjust the arrangement of luminaires within the rail after finishing the finishing works. In the age of rapidly changing reality, it is a very valuable feature. Spotlights such as the 1000 PRO are great as accent lighting in large home spaces, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens or even smaller stores. The task-oriented and accenting character of the luminaire will ensure that the light is directed exactly where it is needed - it will effectively illuminate the work surface or enhance the charm of the decoration. In addition, 1000 PRO guarantees high colour reproduction (CRI> 90), thanks to which the perception of colours of home works of art will be not distorted.

Let the light follow the rhythm of your day

Imagine a light that perfectly matches your rhythm - stimulating during the day, relaxing in the evening. Following your every step and effectively responding to so many different needs related to time, circumstances or mood. Sounds abstract? Nothing similar! Intelligent lighting control systems are a technology serving human that becomes more and more popular.

Lighting equipped with a control system allows you to easily adjust the intensity of lighting from half-light to full brightness. Luminaires with wireless control allow you to program a sequence of light scenes, adapted to the rhythm of the household members or the traffic volume intensity in a hotel or restaurant from a smartphone. Thanks to this, this solution is not only comfortable and economical, but also ecological - we use as much light as we really need. Intelligent control systems are a guarantee of many possibilities, so in the new year, focus on convenience and lower energy consumption and hence - save your money!

Trends that will make you feel comfortable

It does not matter if you arrange a glamour-style living room or you dream about an industrial kitchen. It is worth taking a closer look at the trends related to the improvement of visual comfort, the implementation of modern technologies into everyday lighting and multifunctional luminaires that can illuminate the floor and the cabinet at the same time. Trendy style, intelligent system solutions and multi functionality will allow you to create a space where we will simply feel good.