Let yourself be surprised by the new versions of the iconic lighting fixtures

High functionality of luminaires and a variety of applications in one product are a high priority for us. That is why we are expanding the series of our popular products, adding completely new possibilities while maintaining refined aesthetics. What will you find in AQForm's novelties for summer 2021? New arrangement options, more installation versions and… more luminaires with raised IP that are perfect for bathrooms. Check out the surprising new versions of the iconic MODERN BALL, TRU, RAFTER, PET next, and more!

MODERN BALL simple, the luminaire perfect for the bathroom

The shining ball is the archetype of the lighting fixture that has been known for centuries. After the great success of the MODERN BALL luminaire, we are adding something for fans of minimalism: a streamlined version of the MODERN BALL simple. Like the basic version, MODERN BALL simple can boast high luminous efficiency, modern aesthetics, and great technical parameters. What does the simple version additionally offer?

  • Lighting in all directions. The classic MODERN BALL, thanks to the aluminium profile above the luminous balls, directed the light mainly downwards and to the sides. The simple version, without the aluminium profile, also makes the light spread upwards. Therefore, if we also want to soft illuminate the ceiling, MODERN BALL simple is an excellent choice.

  • Version with increased IP, perfect for bathrooms. Placing the MODERN BALL luminaire next to the mirror results in a sensational illumination of the face and reduces shadows from overhead lighting. Now, thanks to the version with increased IP, this solution can also be used in bathrooms.

  • Minimalistic fastener and more mounting options. In the simple version, we have developed a new, minimalist element that fixes the lampshade. As a result, MODERN BALL has been supplemented with several mounting versions, including a variant with a recessed soffit, a spider version, and the possibility of mounting the luminaire on rails. And, as you know: more assembly versions mean more design freedom!

Inspired by the thought "less is more,” we have created a product that not only looks good, but above all, shines perfectly, is energy-saving, has the possibility of digital control, perfectly reproduces colours, and can be mounted not only on the ceiling or wall, but also on modern busbars. MODERN BALL simple will be perfect as general lighting or - in the version with increased tightness - as effective bathroom lighting on the sides of the mirror.

Get to know TRU track and its new mounting options

The growing market demand for flexible lighting solutions has resulted in the addition of the TRU track luminaire in our offer, available in a version on a 3F or DALI busbar. Thanks to changes in the profile, the way of mounting the LED modules and the reflector has been significantly simplified, as well as the installation of profiles in the surface-mounted version, which, due to the changed structure, is now much easier. In turn, two additional connectors significantly improve the stiffness of the connection in the system version.

The busbars, previously associated mainly with the lighting in shops, displays and commercial spaces, in the new TRU track edition, are also an optimal solution for office spaces. Especially in a duo with RAFTER points track - specialist work lighting - together they can effectively illuminate the entire office, even in the event of a possible change in the arrangement of desks. All you need to do is arrange busbars where there may be potential workplaces. Such great flexibility is a guarantee of arrangement comfort for the designer and customer satisfaction, which will always be followed by the light according to the current needs.

New RAFTER points optics - new look and the same, highest visual comfort

RAFTER points are precise lighting that allows you to maintain the maximum shielding angle, guaranteeing the user the highest visual comfort. Until now available only in a version with black reflectors, it neatly combines technology with aesthetics. From today on, the portfolio of possibilities is doubling!

The existing black, glossy optics is complemented with the white matte version! The new optics significantly changes the appearance of the luminaire. Importantly, the lamps with the new finish are as effective in reducing UGR as the previous versions. If you care about precise light of the highest quality, the source of which will be almost completely hidden from the observer's eyes, the answer is RAFTER points with white optics. Thanks to this, it fits perfectly into modern trends, giving even more arrangement options and effectively protecting eyesight against unpleasant glare.

Check out the new, flexible soffits for SPIDER luminaires

If one luminaire is not enough, we have a solution - luminaires dedicated to the SPIDER system, which can be mounted in a large soffit, with three luminaires as the standard. If the space requires a more extensive system of fittings, no problem: we can modify the soffits both in terms of their size and the number of mounting holes on request. Thanks to the soffits used, we can easily and aesthetically hide power supplies for DALI or AQsmart control. The size of the new mounting boxes enables the use of any control protocol for all LED luminaires. This is a great solution that will be perfect for large interiors, above the table in the dining room, or above the kitchen island.

And one more thing: the new box makes it possible to quickly attach several points of light to one power outlet. There is no need for additional cables. Fast, aesthetic, and convenient!

New G/K soffits, i.e. semi-recessed luminaires

A suspended ceiling provides a whole range of possibilities: it allows you to hide an uneven ceiling, improves the acoustic comfort of the room, and above all, it allows you to hide parts of the installation, e.g. large fragments of surface-mounted luminaires.

Therefore, another novelty in our offer are semi-recessed luminaires, which provide even more elegance of the interior. In addition, they enable the use of digital control even for very small luminaires, for which it was not possible before. How can you find them? All luminaires with this mounting method have the letters "G/K" in the product name.

PET next wall, modern wall lighting

PET next is a series of luminaires that have won the support of users thanks to its excellent technical parameters and minimalist design, perfectly matching the nature of most interiors.

Now the luminaires from this proven collection can also appear on the walls: we present PET next wall, modern wall lighting! This is great news for everyone who wants to emphasise the remarkable texture of the wall or paint a light, decorative pattern on it. PET next wall, compared to its older brother, PET next, does not lose its efficiency, and also effectively protects the eyes from unpleasant glares.

Find out about the new possibilities of our bestsellers

The extensive possibilities of our products mean that the new versions of the iconic luminaires provide even more space for operation, especially in terms of arrangement and assembly. MODERN BALL simple, with increased IP, is a fresh proposal for bathroom lighting. On the other hand, the new TRU track variant, available on busbars, will be perfect for office spaces. RAFTER points, with white mat optics, will provide a whole range of interesting arrangement options, and the PET next wall will be a reliable wall lighting. The soffits have also been refreshed, and can now fit even more, while positively influencing the overall aesthetics of the interior and significantly facilitating the assembly process. Meet new versions of the iconic lighting fixtures and see for yourself about their numerous possibilities!