Latest autumn products are available!

Do you know that light fixtures can absorb sound? This is proven by the new AQfelt collection, which has a positive impact on the acoustic comfort of the interior. The latest autumn products prove that excellent technical parameters can go hand in hand with a decorative form of the fixture, just like in MODERN GLASS mini. Discover the latest lighting solutions which surprise with their design, functionality and… colour! Go for comfortable lighting, tailored to various needs.

AQfelt: Lighting that muffles noise

Do you know that light fixtures can absorb sound? This feature is especially useful in offices. This role is played by the AQfelt light fixture family, which, thanks to the sound-absorbing material, reduces reverberation time, improves speech understanding, and reduces reverberant noise in the interior. And better acoustics means a higher comfort of use of space! After all, excessive noise in the office can be as tiring as inappropriate lighting. Therefore, the products from the AQfelt collection are a major advantage to the acoustic comfort of the interior. Together with the RAFTER light fixtures, they guarantee effective lighting of a workplace. The WAVE version with corrugated felt, or the more traditional STAVE variant, help to reduce reverberation in office spaces. AQfelt is also a high light efficiency which is great while maintaining full visual comfort. The OVALL BALL version effectively protects against unpleasant glare. The glass shades emit softly scattered, eye-pleasing light. Felt panels, on the other hand, have a positive impact on reducing reverberation in the interior, while improving speech intelligibility, which plays an important role especially in office spaces.

Luminaires from the AQfelt collection improve the acoustic comfort of the interior. They reduce the duration of reverberation and reduce the reverberation noise inside the interior.

MODERN GLASS mini: subtle jewellery for the interior

Properly selected lighting is a jewel of the whole arrangement. Especially when - like MODERN GLASS mini - it takes pride in the performance characteristic of architectural lighting. Its slender shades are an invitation to play with the composition. Elegant and timeless, made of high-quality glass, they will be the final touch at a hotel reception desk or a modern restaurant. They will effectively illuminate a worktop or a table. The small diameter, the possibility of playing with colour finishes, and several lengths of shades to choose from, encourage to experiment. MODERN GLASS mini is perfect proof that light can be a decoration of an interior while maintaining great technical parameters.

MODERN GLASS mini is a decorative luminaire with excellent technical specifications. The slender lampshades are an invitation to play with composition while at the same time effectively illuminating the surface of the work surface or table.

SWING next: maximization of comfort and minimization of size

Light is often a secondary character that emphasizes what's best in the interior. It highlights favourite details, emphasizes unique structures and, when necessary, adds shine to carefully selected decorations. This is the role of SWING next, which directs the light exactly where it is currently needed, thanks to the possibility of tilting the glowing part. In the new edition, the light fixture can maximize visual comfort while minimizing dimensions at the same time. From now on, a version with a frame is also available, and the installation of frameless light fixtures has been significantly simplified. The space necessary for installation in the suspended ceiling has also been reduced. This is very good news for both users and installers! Do you want the light to flexibly follow what the interior has best to offer? Go for SWING next - the synonym of functionality and highest visual comfort.

Thanks to its ability to tilt the SWING next luminaire makes it possible to direct the light exactly in the direction where it is currently needed. Additionally it improves the comfort of the user's eyesight by protecting them from glare.

TRU TRIM: even simpler installation thanks to the flush-mounted frame!

But that is not all! Speaking of simplified installation, one should pay attention to another novelty – the TRU trim system. It differs from its predecessor in its flush-mounted frame, thanks to which precise plastering and finishing operations after assembly will no longer be needed. What's more, TRU trim means modern aesthetics and great technical parameters that will add shine to offices or show the way in communication routes. In the microprismatic version, TRU trim is distinguished by exceptional comfort for the user's eyesight, while maintaining the highest light efficiency. The TRU system is a proven method for effective illumination, ideal for office spaces. Check out its wide range of possibilities and let yourself be surprised by the easy installation of TRU trim!  

The renowned and liked TRU trim system is now available in a version with a flush-mounted frame. Thanks to this mounting the luminaire is even easier and does not require precise plastering.

OPTIMA: light fixture adapted to the rhythm of office space

OPTIMA is another proposal dedicated to office spaces. The light fixture successfully combines efficiency with economics, and it stimulates better than a sip of morning coffee. How is it possible? The secret of the collection is in its way of shining. The task lighting, emitted downwards, effectively illuminates the work surface of the desk. In turn, the up&down version directs upward a strong stream with a wide distribution. Thanks to this, the light reflects off the ceiling, acting as general lighting. But that is not all! By providing the right conditions, the OPTIMA will effectively deal with the self-lighting of the entire office. A white ceiling, hanging the light fixture at the height of 220cm, and a length close to the size of the desk will be enough, and you will not have to use any additional lamps in the room! Moreover, if the office layout provides for the connection of two desks opposite each other, one OPTIMA light fixture of the right length will successfully cope with effective lighting of both working surfaces.

OPTIMA is a functional solution which combines effectiveness with economics. It will perform great in office spaces where, depending on the version, it can work as a work lighting or general lighting.

MICROTRACK: new, oval-shaped tracks

Rounded shapes are more and more frequent in living rooms. Therefore, we have good news for all enthusiasts of roundness: a new variant of MICROTRACK tracks, which is distinguished by its small size, oval form, and at the same time uses the same components of the system for both ON/off and DALI installations. MICROTRACK is the smallest track we can offer which, like MULTITRACK, uses a safe voltage of 48V, that differs from its predecessor only in shape. MICROTRACK is a far-reaching miniaturization of components giving even more design possibilities!

MICROTRACK is the smallest version of our track lighting which is distinguished by its oval shape. Similarly to MULTITRACK it uses the safe voltage of 48V.

Revive the interior with colours!

We know that carefully selected colours play an important role in the interior. Therefore, the selected light fixtures are also available in the new offer in sea green. Do you know that the soothing blend of blue and green, according to a study by one of the British companies, has been chosen the favourite colour of the world? Now, available in a duo with the highest quality lighting, it can become the hallmark of the entire arrangement! For selected light fixtures, we also offer a stylish mix of colours: sea green plus gold. This chic addition will add charm to many arrangements.

The autumn offer surprises with colours! From now on select luminaires are available in sea green or in a stylish combination of green and gold.

Create a unique space with autumn arrivals

Our autumn arrivals are a wide cross-section of many different needs that may be associated with the specificity of a particular interior. From improved acoustic comfort, thanks to the new AQfelt collection, through MODERN GLASS mini – a proposal for decorative lighting with excellent technical parameters, ending with an easy installation, thanks to the new version of the TRU trim system. Let yourself be surprised by our autumn arrivals and bet on modern lighting solutions that will surprise you with functionality!