Modern design, directional optics and linear disposition are characteristic features of the LENS LINE / MIXLINE family. The luminaire comes in two variants: the first one, instead of the traditional diffuser, offers modularly arranged lenses, the second - allows you to combine two types of optics in one frame. Thanks to the introduction of lenses in linear luminaires, the user can choose a beam angle, a function previously reserved primarily for spot lighting.

The optics used in the luminaire significantly reduce the glare effect. High-quality light (low flicker, high CRI>90) is ensured by integrated LED modules. The choice between three beam angles allows the user to decide whether to light the surface evenly (wide viewing angle) or to highlight only the selected parts with a narrow beam of light. In addition, the MIXLINE version allows continuous and spot lighting in one product. Linear lighting works best with illumination of flat, rectangular surfaces such as desks, tables, kitchen islands and passageways.

Within the collection, the LENS LINE suspended luminaire has received special recognition, winning the German Design Award Winner 2018. The whole LENS LINE family won the “Dobry Wzór” 2018 Award (Good Design), awarded by the Polish Institute of Industrial Design. The LENS LINE / MIXLINE collection allows you to create complex system luminaires: joined at right angles or lines over 2m in length. The available configuration of beam angles, power and color temperature makes the LENS LINE luminaires an option that allows you to design both accent lighting and functional, general lighting.