German Design Award nomination

The German Design Award is one of the most prestigious awards handed out by the German Council for Industrial Design. Its origins date back to 1969, when it went down in history for the first time under the name "Federal Award for Good Design". To this day, German Design Award is considered synonymous with world-class design, distinguished not only by good appearance, but above all by functionality and the highest quality of use. That is why the nomination of our MODERN BALL and PET next luminaires gladdens us all the more!

Excellent Product Design is a category in which MODERN BALL and PET next luminaires have been nominated for the prestigious German Design Award. The council appreciated the timelessness of the products and the harmonious combination of a beautiful, minimalist form with functionality. The quality of the luminaires and their excellent technical parameters did not go unnoticed. After all, well-chosen lighting is not only a fashionable addition to stylish interiors, but above all, safety for our eyesight and a guarantee of visual comfort.

We are extremely pleased that the German Council for Industrial Design appreciated the design and functionality of MODERN BALL and PET next luminaires. In addition, PET next is now available in a new wall version, thanks to which it can also appear on the walls, emphasizing their original texture or painting a decorative pattern.

The nomination for the prestigious German Design Award is a great honour for us! We look forward to the next stages of the competition, the results of which will be announced in the winter of 2022.