Geometric chic – DOT collection with Good Design 2019 award

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Forms that surround us affect both our visual and emotional comfort. It is so regardless of the type of space – home, office, public or recreational. That is why many everyday objects are created with exceptional aesthetic care. It is no different with lighting fixtures. The DOT series is the best proof that good design can go hand in hand with functionality. It is this combination which has caused the jury of the Good Design 2019 competition to take note. Experts from the Institute of Industrial Design appreciated the DOT family for its harmonious combination of functionality and original design.

The collection attracts viewer’s eye with a geometric line. The series distinguishes itself by the characteristic inner circle – DOT. The central element has a dual role: functional and aesthetic. The light source is placed on it. Thanks to this, before the light reaches the room, it reflects from the interior of the luminaire which is gently illuminated. The light coming outside is diffused and pleasing to the eye.

DOT collection awarded the title of Good Design 2019

This year the collection gained the recognition of the jury of the Good Design competition. The 26th edition gala took place on the 24.10.2019 in Warsaw. All of this year's winning products can be seen as part of the post-competition exhibition at the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw until the 1st of December. The exhibition is open between 10:00 and 19:00, free admission.

According to the opinion of an expert the DOT collection is „an example of the creative usage of light and object, which is a product that gives reflected light. Such light does not blind a person looking at the light head, while in the version with internal surface coated with gold lacquer – provides relaxation. The usage of an aperture with a smaller diameter than diameter of the light head allowed hiding the light source, leaving the light head partially opened, which makes it visually lighter. The collection will prove useful both at home and in commercial buildings.”

Functional design

The geometric forms of the DOT series is particularly interesting in compositions. Thanks to the different sizes of available luminaires – the larger MAXI RING and the smaller REVEL – they fit both into private interiors and public spaces such as lobbies or restaurants. After all, in spite of their function, refined interiors deserve well-thought-out and beautiful lighting solutions. What are the main features of the DOT collection?

  • Soft and diffused, reflected light makes it possible to light up a room without unpleasant glare. Lack of glare ensures high level of comfort to the people in the illuminated room.
  • Stylish, geometric shape gives the luminaire visual lightness. Thanks to this the DOT collection can be used in different arrangements - the luminaires will work as both a single accent and as part of a larger composition. Variety of mounting methods makes it easier to create arrangements - the DOT series can be used as surface luminaires, suspended luminaires and wall luminaires.
  • Diversified dimensions of the DOT luminaires ensure greater flexibility when designing lighting. The collection includes products which fit in cosy residential interiors as well as products which fit well in large public spaces such as hotel lobbies, restaurants etc.
  • Different colour combinations of the luminaire's finish allow to change its character and function. Thanks to this we can design stylistically consistent primary lighting (which has the purpose of lighting up the whole room) and decorative (relaxing) lighting.
  • LED modules with a high colour rendering index (CRI>90) ensure the correct colour reproduction, thanks to which the colours of a room illuminated by DOT luminaires will look natural.

DOT – comftable lighting in stylish form

The sun is going down. The room is covered in twilight. The artificial light takes over the lead. Now we depend on it as we look at the space around us. That’s why lighting is an important substance of everyday use, which should carefully combine form with function. The DOT collection embraces the advantages of both technical lighting and a designer look.