Explore the extensive possibilities of outdoor luminaires: DART, LEDPOINT and SLUP

Spring is almost in full bloom. Nature is waking up and the days are getting longer. Now it's a good time to think about exterior lighting; after all, the garden is an extension of the interior of the house. To enjoy this extra space, you should take care not only of the surrounding flowers and shrubs, but also of the right luminaires to accentuate the greenery, illuminate the façade or mark out the path leading to your home. How to choose the right outdoor lighting? What parameters should you pay attention to? Discover our suggestions: DART, LEDPOINT and SLUP - they will take care of the right mood and safety during an evening relaxing in the garden or meeting with friends at a barbecue.

DART: atmospheric accent lighting

DART is a family of sealed floodlights targeting and illuminating the most interesting areas of your garden. Whether it is eye-catching plants or an original façade or gazebo, DART luminaires can successfully illuminate them. The high IP65 rating ensures safety even on the rainiest of days, while no low-voltage installation is required, allowing the luminaire to be installed even in the furthest corners of the garden. Also, with its low 4W source, the DART luminaire family prevents light pollution and getting high electricity bills. They are therefore an exceptionally good choice if you want to enhance the mood by spot-casing the most interesting parts of your garden. What's more, the luminaire boasts a high colour rendering index of CRI>90 to successfully emphasise the lushness of the greenery and the option of adjusting the height and tilt of the reflector, making it even more adaptable to specific needs.

LEDPOINT: the façade lighting specialist

The façade of a house showcases your home and it is this feature that gives buildings their unique appearance. To add just the right touch of glamour, it's worth making sure you have the right accent lighting. LEDPOINT is a small wall lamp that paints unique patterns with light, bringing the façade to life after dark, especially when used in a group of several luminaires. It is worth noting that the LEDPOINT family of luminaires is characterised by low glare, which is extremely important, especially during evening walks. It is also not afraid of rain or snow, as LEDPOINT is distinguished by its high IP65 protection class. There are two versions of the luminaire to choose from: round and square, both with precise light directed downwards, upwards or down and upwards. Which one should you choose?

SLUP: safety after dark

Safety after dark is a very important aspect to take care of when choosing the right lighting. This will be taken care of by the SLUP family of luminaires, which will mark the path or driveway during the evening commute home. The robust construction and IP65 make the SLUP resistant not only to adverse weather conditions, but also to impacts, even uncontrolled ones. Minimalist pillars define the space, mark the direction of movement and facilitate orientation. All with your safety and ease of movement in mind. High visual comfort protects the user's eyesight from unpleasant glare, and CRI>90 ensures proper colour reproduction. SLUP also boasts extremely easy installation, which makes it all the more suitable for the space in front of a house or hotel.

Create a unique space around your home

Outdoor lighting helps to create a unique space around the house, while also ensuring safety after dark. DART luminaires will successfully accentuate greenery or illuminate a selected area of a façade or smaller objects. The LEDPOINT collection, on the other hand, will add a unique touch to the façade by painting luminous patterns on it. If you want to ensure that your backyard path or driveway is adequately illuminated, reach for the SLUP luminaire. This will make the evening walk home not only comfortable, but above all safe. Explore the wide range of possibilities for our outdoor luminaires to take care of the space around your home!