Do you already know our new, decorative suspended luminaires?

Suspended luminaires are a great idea for illuminating the space above a table, counter, or reception area. Depending on the chosen version, they will work perfectly as mood lighting or effectively illuminate the work surface. Get to know our new suspended luminaire proposals: CONA, SNOP, OKKA, and FLARED, which will not only take care of the appropriate lighting of the interior but also - due to their decorative form - give it a unique character.

CONA: create a cozy atmosphere with light

CONA is a decorative suspended luminaire that impresses with its form! Available in two sizes, it will successfully add shine to both private and public spaces. The fixture fits perfectly with large, decorative light sources, so as general lighting it will create an moody atmosphere in your home, hotel or restaurant. It is also a proven way to subtly illuminate the table.

FLARED: a fixture inspired by industrial shapes

FLARED is a collection of decorative fixtures inspired by industrial shapes. Thanks to its unique form, it attracts attention from the entrance, serving as an original addition to private and public interiors. Available in two sizes, the LED version will effectively illuminate the workspace, while the version with replaceable light sources will provide an atmospheric atmosphere in a home living room or a modern restaurant.

OKKA: discover new arrangement possibilities

The OKKA family is another proposal of decorative, suspended luminaires, which are an invitation to play with finishes and colours. Wood, plastic, or maybe felt? The choice of decorative panel is up to you! OKKA, available for replaceable E27 light sources, emits delicate, softly diffused light. Thanks to this, you can easily create a moody atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

SNOP: let yourself be surprised by many possibilities

SNOP is a specialist in many tasks. In the version for replaceable E27 light sources, it will add coziness to the interior. In turn, the variant with precise optics, thanks to the added lens, will provide the highest visual comfort and excellent light efficiency. Additionally, the luminaire can boast extraordinary power and exceptional efficiency. In addition, SNOP, depending on the chosen version, is a functional solution that meets many different needs.

Check out the wide range of pendant luminaires and add a unique character to your interior with their decorative form. Reach for our new catalogue, where you will find many solutions that meet the diverse needs of private and public spaces!