Discover the latest novelties now available in the offer!

The coming months will be marked by natural colours, round forms and minimalist shapes. This will allow you to achieve aesthetic balance and a specific harmony in the interiors. In response to this trend, we have prepared new colour finishes and mounting methods for popular busducts. Check out the latest novelties available in our offer from today!

Cozy earthy colours: TAUPE and TERRACOTA

This season our interiors will be painted in the colours of the earth. That is why our offer includes two new colour finishes from today. The first of them, TERRACOTA, is a fashionable shade inspired by natural materials, which gives the space exceptional freshness and energy. It is associated with the climate of Mediterranean cities, hot summer or moody sunset. It harmonizes perfectly with natural shades, white or gray. TERAKOTA is a great solution for everyone who is looking for an interesting visual accent in the interior, giving the arrangement a distinct character. Another new colour is TAUPE - warm gray in a slightly beige tone. This shade, though a bit delicate, intrigues with its originality. It perfectly corresponds with more lively colours, and alone adds extraordinary elegance to the interior. Selected products are available in the standard TERAKOTA and TAUPE shades, however, on request, we can prepare most of our frames in new colours or in colour mixes.

HIGH MULTITRACK and MICROTRACK in the surface-mounted version

Tracks are becoming more and more popular not only in public spaces, but also in private ones. Thanks to their flexibility, they constitute a functional solution for modern interiors. That is why we have expanded our offer with the HIGH MULTITRACK system, available in a surface-mounted variant, which until now was only available in a recessed version. HIGH MULTITRACK will allow you to almost completely hide the mounting element of the luminaire, making it an aesthetic and convenient solution, tailored to modern interiors. For all fans of curves, the MICROTRACK system is also available in the surface-mounted version, which, apart from its oval shape, is small in size and uses the same system elements for ON/OFF and DALI installations. MICROTRACK proves that far-reaching miniaturization does not necessarily have to be associated with a decrease in technical parameters. On the contrary! MICROTRACK, similarly to MULTITRACK, uses a safe voltage of 48V, being at the same time a fashionable addition to modern interiors.

They are already here! New colours of luminaires and methods of mounting the tracks

The beginning of the year is a great time to take a fresh look at interior design. Therefore, in our offer you will find new colour finishes in fashionable, natural shades of TAUPE and TERRACOTA, which will create a cozy atmosphere in the interior. On the other hand, we have good news for all enthusiasts of functional solutions: new methods of mounting popular tracks. Now the HIGH MULTITRACK system is also available in the surface-mounted version. Just like the MICROTRACK, which surprises with its extraordinary aesthetics and small size. Discover our latest novelties and be surprised by their wide possibilities!