Discover new floor, table and portable luminaires!

Table lighting is an important element that allows you to see every detail, while also creating a moody atmosphere. MROOM will be perfect for this role - a family of fixtures dedicated to table lighting, as well as the surrounding space. Modern design and two versions of the luminaire to choose from make MROOM flexibly respond to various needs. Thanks to its great parameters and high protection rating class, it can be used successfully in private and public spaces, as well as outdoors. Discover the wide range of possibilities of the MROOM collection and find out the proven recipe for efficient table lighting!

MROOM: stylish and efficient table lighting

MROOM is a proposal for efficient table lighting that is distinguished by exceptional durability. Thanks to its modern, stylish form, the fixture will work well in both private and public spaces. The high protection rating class IP65 makes MROOM resistant to adverse weather conditions, so it can also work successfully outdoors. The luminaire uses an easily replaceable battery, which makes it a convenient solution for hotels and restaurants. MROOM has a touch power control, and one fixture can illuminate a table for up to 4 people. On the other hand, in the high standing version, it can be used as side lighting for a table or sofa.

MODERN BALL table: discover a timeless table luminaire in the form of a glass sphere

If you are looking for more classic proposals, choose MODERN BALL table - a minimalist table luminaire in the form of a timeless glass ball. The milky shade provides the highest visual comfort, emitting softly dispersed, visually pleasing light. This efficient solution will work great as table, shelf, or desk lighting. In turn, the timeless design fits perfectly into the style of many arrangements, constituting a unique addition. So which luminaire do you choose - the slim, minimalist MROOM or the timeless, spherical MODERN BALL table?

Discover even more floor luminaires!

If you are looking for an efficient solution that will serve as precise floor lighting, e.g. making evening reading more pleasant thanks to the ability to direct the light to subsequent pages of your favorite book or illuminating a side table, reach for PET micro upright. The luminaire combines modern, minimalist form and excellent technical parameters, making it a stylish additional lighting fixture for hotel lobbies or reception areas. But that's not all! For more demanding spaces, e.g. in an attic with sloping ceilings, where the installation of traditional fixtures is not so easy, THIN TUBE upright comes to the rescue - a freestanding fixture with really great possibilities. Thanks to its high efficiency, it will provide the right amount of general light in any part of the room, allowing us to enjoy full flexibility!