Create a unique space around your home with new outdoor luminaires

Space around the house is a showcase of the entire property. A well-kept garden is an oasis on hot days, meeting spot with loved ones, and for some – a place for realizing their botanical passions. Therefore, it is worth taking care of proper lighting that will ensure safety and comfort. What products to choose for special conditions? Discover the new collection of luminaires for outdoor use, which will enrich the façade, accentuate plants, illuminate the way home and help create a unique space around the house!

Demand for light after dark affects not only the interiors. Long, summer nights are great for meetings in the garden when the properly selected lighting provides a cozy vibe. In winter, when the days are getting shorter, the light marks a safe way home. Check out completely new suggestions of luminaires for outdoor use - neat sconces accentuating greenery or emphasizing the façade after dark, surface-mounted luminaires designed for loggias and porches, as well as slender posts for lighting home paths. Check out new luminaires resistant to salinity or adverse weather conditions, designed for apartments, single-family houses, small housing estates and commercial facilities.

Depending on the function performed, external lighting can set a safe path to the entrance or decorate the façade of the building in an interesting way.

LEDPOINT: a stylish wall lamp that enchants with light

Façade of a building is often its hallmark, and the original façade requires an appropriate setting. A discreet LEDPOINT wall lamp will cope with this task perfectly, which will paint sophisticated patterns with light. A particularly interesting effect can be achieved by using several luminaires at the same time. LEDPOINT will work not only as accent lighting on the façade of a single-family house, but also as an original decoration of the hotel patio. Excellent parameters and IP65make the luminaire great for difficult conditions, such as rain or snow. The high color rendering index (CRI>90) ensures proper colour perception even after sunset. This is extremely important if we want to emphasize the original shade of the façade. LEDPOINT will not only add shine from the outside, but also ensure safety during evening returns home.

LEDPOINT is an accent luminaire for outdoor use that will decorate the façade of the building with original light patterns.

VIP: create a unique chiaroscuro effect on the façade

RThe VIP family is another collection of sconces, which in an interesting way accentuate the façade or work as lighting for a balcony or loggia. Two types of lighting – up and down or only in one direction provides great freedom to arrange light. The minimalist form of the luminaire, in the shape of a cylinder or cube, is a discreet decoration of the façade. In turn, the high IP65 protection class guarantees resistance to adverse weather conditions. Robust and durable housing of the VIP collection protects against rain and snow embedded inside the LED source and effectively prevents the accumulation of water inside the luminaire. The well-thought-out design makes the installation of VIP luminaires is extremely simple.

VIP luminaires will do great with the lighting of a balcony or loggia It is also a good solution if we want discreet lighting of the façade.

DART: spotlights that will emphasize the beauty of plants

The DART family of luminaires is a wide spectrum of different possibilities. Several mounting options mean that the collection can perform many functions – from accentuating greenery as a stylish reflector driven into the ground, to lighting the façade in a surface-mounted form. Thanks to the high IP protection class, the luminaire is not only resistant to the adverse effects of weather conditions, but also does not require the use of a low-voltage installation, which definitely facilitates its installation away from the voltage source, even in the farthest corners of a spacious garden. DART is an extremely effective solution that with low-power sources will not result in high electricity bills and protect against unwanted light pollution. Selected light parameters will allow you to subtly accentuate your favorite shrubs or ornamental plants, protecting neighbors from too much unwanted light in their living room.

Subtle lighting of shrubs or a backyard rockery will be taken care of by the DART collection. It is an effective solution that will protect against unwanted light pollution.

SLUP: set a safe way home

Garden alleys primarily have a communication function, facilitating free movement around the property. To ensure safety after dark, it is worth taking care of appropriate luminaires that will show the way home. The SLUP collection will cope with this task perfectly , which will effectively illuminate the path or driveway thanks to its asymmetrical optics. The extremely solid construction of the luminaire and high IP65 tightness make the SLUP resistant not only to rain or snow, but also not afraid of ball hits when the game gets out of control for children. The SLUP collection is a stylish and resistant signpost that safely marks the path from the gate to the entrance door.

Stylish lighting of home alleys or driveway will be provided by the SLUP family. Way home will always be safe even after dark.

Reach for lighting for special tasks

The wide role of light is not limited to interiors. Luminaires for external use are an important element of the backyard space. Not only are they an interesting decoration, painting light patterns on the façade, such as LEDPOINT or VIP wall lamps. They also allow you to accentuate your favorite shrub or rockery, directing subtle light in the chosen direction, just like a DART reflector. The SLUP collection will take care of a safe return home, which will effectively illuminate the backyard alleys. Check out the wide possibilities of new luminaires for outdoor use, resistant to salinity and adverse effects of rain and snow. Choose effective solutions that will add charm to the backyard space and take care of the safety of its users.

The slender spotlights will direct the light in any direction. Subtle lighting of your favorite shrub or rockery has never been so easy!