Coming soon! What's new this autumn 2022

Autumn is a time when our need for light gets significantly higher. The days are getting shorter and shorter, and oftentimes the weather is not inviting to go outside. How do stay in your high spirits when sunny afternoons are waning unrelentingly? How do you ensure the comfort of work when it's time to return to the office after your summer break? Take a look at our new releases for autumn 2022, available from 17 October. Discover the many possibilities they offer and let yourself be wowed by our state-of-the-art lighting solutions!

Find out about lighting which boosts acoustic comfort

Our latest lighting solutions that are sure to surprise you with their form and functionality will be available from 17 Oct. Did you know that the new AQfelt collection can provide not only visual comfort, but also acoustic one? All thanks to the sound-absorbing felt that we have added to the RAFTER and MODERN BALL luminaires. The result is a combo created to solve two problems at the same time: it provides suitable light while at the same time improving acoustic comfort, which is so important especially in the workplace. it provides suitable light while at the same time improving acoustic comfort, which is so important especially in the workplace the very easy-to-use, efficient and economical OPTIMUMA. One luminaire is enough to effectively illuminate even two workstations! What else can you expect from our autumn offer?

Luminaires offering acoustic comfort? It is now possible thanks to the latest AQfelt collection with sound-absorbing felt!

See for yourself that light can be a decorative feature of an interior

We know how hard it is to find luminaires that not only look good but are also effective sources of light. Therefore, we have decided to expand our MODERN GLASS collection with a new variant – MODERN GLASS mini luminaire, whose slender shades are ideal for creating lighting compositions. Several length options and a diameter not much larger than the average cuvette of a stylish watch offers a wide range of possibilities for the imagination. But there's more! For all the enthusiasts of recessed luminaires with a swing option, we have something special: SWING next luminaire, giving even more arrangement possibilities and directing the light exactly where it is needed SWING next offers visual comfort and guarantees precise light, concealed in an extremely subtle form.

MODERN GLASS mini offers modern design and great technical parameters. As a result, this luminaire will be an interesting addition to your interior and at the same time it will effectively illuminate tables big and small.
In the new edition, SWING next provides even greater visual comfort while minimising the luminaire's dimensions. The swing option allows you to point the light in any direction.

MICROTRACK, new version of tracks

Busbars are a system that works perfectly in modern interiors. Therefore, we have decided to expand our offer with their additional MICROTRACK variant. What makes it unique? The oval shape, petite size and application of the same system components for both ON/OFF and DALI installations. MICOTRACK is definitely the smallest solution in the field of tracks, but like the MULTITRACK system, it uses a safe voltage of 48V, and its round shape being the only element that sets it apart from its predecessor.

MICROTRACK is not only a far-reaching miniaturisation of all components, it is also a rounded shape of the track, offering an even greater range of design possibilities.

From now on, assembly is even simpler than before!

When the speed of assembly is a major factor, proven solutions come in handy. That is why we have expanded the collection of the well-known and popular TRU system with a recessed frame version. Thanks to this, the new TRU TRIM speeds up the work, as it does not require precise plastering and finishing operations after mounting the luminaire. It’s that simple!

The TRU system is a tried and tested solution for offices and communication routes. Now available with a recessed frame, the new TRU TRIM boasts even simpler and faster mounting.

Even more colours as standard

Playing around with colours is a proven way to liven up an interior. Therefore, our autumn offer includes not only new products, but also completely new colour finishes. More details coming soon!

In addition to new products, new colour finishes will also soon be available.

Be amazed by our latest releases this autumn!

Discover our autumn new releases that cater even better to your changing needs. Create a unique office space with the new AQfelt collection, that will ensure proper visual and… acoustic comfort. Add a sparkle to your interior with MODERN GLASS mini, which in a cluster of several luminaires can bejewel the interior. Each of the autumn new releases will be available from 17.10.2022.