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Comfort is most important – protect your eyes from glare

Thanks to LED technology, artificial lighting has achieved unprecedented efficiency. The enormous progress made in just a few years emphasized the words lamp and light and – for the first time since the invention of a light bulb – introduced them into the public debate, where they are now very present. The awareness that lighting has an impact on our visual comfort and well-being attracted the attention of not only specialists, but also the majority of lamp and luminaire users to the modern LED lighting.

Modern LED lighting guarantees high visual comfort

A lively discussion about the opportunities and threats posed by new technologies has increased both the awareness and expectations of users. We already know that properly selected LED light can stimulate our effectiveness or affect the perception of colours. The awareness of the impact of lighting on everyday comfort has also increased the interest in the quality of light. And so producers and designers had to respond.

Visual comfort is an important aspect, which should be taken care of. After all, no one likes to work for hours while straining their eyes due to insufficient or too bright light. It may result in irritability, headache, not to even mention wrinkles. This uncomfortable feeling is a glare, and it can be dealt with in various ways.

An interesting solution are products with an enlarged protection angle in which the light source is recessed into the luminaire. An example of a successful response to new customer needs is the RAFTER points family. Precise optics and a large protection angle guarantee high illuminance in the workplace, and extremely low glare. Combined with good quality of light (high colour rendering and low flicker), it offers very high visual comfort.

Well thought-out task lighting

Luminaires from the RAFTER points series are task lighting. It significantly raises the light intensity on a selected surface, such as a desk top. Such solutions require close cooperation between interior designer and lighting designer. This collaboration results in achieving real savings in the interior usage and a greater visual comfort, which has a positive effect on work efficiency. RAFTER points offers sets of reflectors recessed in the luminaire. Their placement in combination with black, mirror finishes allows for strong reduction of UGR. This luminaire allows you to get even UGR<13 in the workplace!

Individual lighting of selected areas helps in reducing the use of lighting where it is simply not necessary. During the day, when natural light is sufficient for general illumination of most rooms, artificial light should be only directed towards where high intensity is really needed. With precise and efficient optics, high light intensity does not require a large luminous flux, nor high power. This solution brings real savings.

A new reflector with modern optics

The RAFTER points, which offers reduced glare and high visual comfort, is very popular as lighting for offices. Similar technology can be used in display lighting. Despite the apparent differences, it has similar requirements - high light intensity at low glare. The result of our development works is RAFTER points track, adapted to be mounted on a track.

RAFTER points track offers the advantages of modern lighting in an extremely slim form. Compared to other luminaires of similar application, it combines a high protection angle with compact dimensions. Thanks to this, it is perfect for lighting galleries and stores, without drawing attention to its own size. RAFTER points track is also a solution for everyone who wants task lighting in their office, but wants to remain able to move their desk. Mounting this luminaire on the track allows for an easy displacement of the luminaire within the track. Extra motion is enabled by the joint, which is neatly hidden in the luminaire body. Thanks to this, it is easier to direct the light to the chosen place.

Nowadays good lighting means not only sufficient light intensity. The quality, comfort, safety and energy efficiency are equally important. Thanks to precise optics and advanced light sources, the RAFTER points range will meet the expectations of most demanding users. Especially that a version with adjustable light intensity is available.