CONA: discover stylish lighting with a decorative character

Lighting is an essential element of every interior. Depending on its form and function, it can play the leading role as a stylish decoration of the arrangement or be a subtle, supporting character. The new CONA collection is a proposal of suspended luminaires that delight with their unique design. The luminaire is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere over a table or providing relaxing general lighting. Available in two sizes, it will add a touch of elegance to private and public spaces. Get to know the new family of CONA fixtures and be surprised by its unique shapes!

Discover the lighting that creates space

Light tames the space, evokes emotions, and ensure the right mood in a room. The new CONA collection fulfills all these functions successfully. CONA emits diffused light throughout the entire room, making it perfect for atmospheric table lighting or subtle general lighting. Thanks to its unique shapes, the luminaire captures attention right from the entrance. It fits perfectly in both private and public spaces, adding an aesthetic touch to them.

Discover the possibilities of luminaires with replaceable light sources

CONA is a collection of fixtures designed for large, round light sources G95-G120. Two sizes to choose from, even better adapting to the specific needs of residential and commercial spaces. Choose modern lighting that provides the highest comfort of use with its softly diffused light, creating a pleasant atmosphere in the interiors. Discover the new CONA fixture collection and be surprised by its unique, modern design!