Aquaform’s lighting awarded with two German Design Awards 2018

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This year, two of the German Design Awards were given to two separate Aqauform collections. The competition, held for the 7th time, was divided into two main categories: Excellent Product Design and Excellent Communications Design. There was a separate sub-category called ‘Lighting’, dedicated entirely to lighting solutions. The German Design Council awarded LENS LINE the title of German Design Award Winner 2018. Moreover, the QRLED collection was honored with the title of Special Mention 2018.

Double-award-winning Aquaform lighting

LENS LINE is a new notion in the Aquaform’s linear lighting. The design of the luminaire which was awarded German Design Award 2018 is based on directional optics. Until now, the option to configure the lighting angles was available mostly in spotlights. LENS LINE changed this scene by allowing the user to decide whether to illuminate the surface evenly by using a wide beam angle, or to expose only a selected, narrower beam. It is best suited for illuminating flat and rectangular surfaces such as tables, paintings, kitchen islands or communication lines.

The luminaire is a part of the wider LENS LINE family – linear luminaires with directional optics.

The attention of the German Design Council was also brought to a collection of recessed QRLED luminaires and it was given the title of the German Design Award Special Mention. QRLED is a modern lighting module which combines the advantages of integrated LED luminaires and replaceable light sources. On one hand, it allows one to enjoy the highest quality of light (CRI> 90, limited flicker and glare, wide range of lighting angles and colour temperatures), on the other hand the module is sensitively designed to be replaced with ease. In the recessed QRLED family one can find popular Aquaform solutions such as SQUARES 111, SLEEK and RING.

This year's awards are a continuation of last year's success by Aquaform’s products in the German Design Award competition. In 2017 edition, the Special Mention was awarded to the equilibra BALANS.