Aquaform becomes AQForm and realizes its ambitions within the Delta Light Group

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AQForm Lighting Solutions is a well-respected player on the Polish market, known for many years as Aquaform. The company’s portfolio includes modern architectural lighting and LED-based solutions. Recently, founding members of the Delta Light group and the current managing shareholders have acquired, through a Polish holding company, all shares in their Polish industry peer AQForm, giving way to a synergy that will benefit both companies. This will lead to a valuable expansion of its product portfolio, to new foreign markets and unlimited access to fresh resources. On the operational level there will be no change in management nor workforce.

Realizing growth ambitions

AQForm has established a strong market position on the Polish home market and in the surrounding countries. Delta Light is a global player with offices from Dubai to New York and from Bogota to London. Relying on the Delta Light group expertise, AQForm will be able to expand its market presence throughout the world, realizing the company’s growth ambitions.

AQForm will continue to cooperate with Polish top designers, thus continuing their tradition of design and innovation, as confirmed by the Red Dot Design Award, the iF Design Award, the German Design Award and the Muuuz International Award (MIAW) among others.

Wojciech Starowieyski, CEO AQForm: “Thanks to the Delta Light group strong international expertise, we will be able to considerably speed up our own growth ambitions without risky investments nor heavy structural changes. We can hardly wait to conquer the world!"

Evolution instead of revolution

It is important to stress the friendly and positive nature of this business venture. We are looking at an intelligent collaboration forging differences into synergies. AQForm’s entry in the Delta Light group will be beneficial for both companies and will have no negative impact on the AQForm day-to-day operational level. Management and workforce will remain unchanged.

One group, many brands

AQForm will become part of the Delta Light group but will keep its own brand identity. Since it is Delta Light’s aim to become a strong lighting group, AQForm’s presence is a major step in that direction. Both companies share some strong and mutually reinforcing features. Both companies are led by enthusiastic people, combining familial ownership with daily management and genuine entrepreneurship. They share the same passion for design, technology and light. Delta Light, AQForm and all affiliate brands certainly make the future look bright!

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