A round jubilee of AQForm. We've been with you for 30 years!

Did you know that 30 years ago, in 1992, we began our business as a company manufacturing furniture? However, we quickly realized that it is lighting that constitutes our greatest passion, to which we remain faithful to this day. The past years involved consistent development and searching for constantly new solutions. However, it is thanks to you that we were able to focus on what fascinates us the most, setting subsequent interiors in a unique light. We would like to thank all AQForm customers, partners, and friends for this time together!

30 years of AQForm

We have been present on the market for three decades now, working for the title of the leading Polish manufacturer of modern lighting solutions. It is a time during which we've carried out a great number of various private and commercial interior designs, adding radiance to more than one space. And even though a lot has changed, starting with the name itself that used to be Aquaform Lighting Solutions, we have created a distinctive design attractive for professionals, trendsetters, and consumers. We have opened a Research and Development Centre with a modern Light Laboratory – a place where it s possible to personally experience the importance of light in terms of architecture, we have increased the number of our employees several dozen times, and most importantly, we have expanded the number of products to XYZ families, flexibly responding to most market needs. This is a great success for us and a constant motivation to reach out for more!

Jubilee in the light of AQF

Did you know that the first AQForm catalogue had only 63 pages and included 28 products? For comparison – the last one has 560 pages and includes more than 150 new products! This is the best proof of how strongly we have developed over the last 30 years, becoming the leading Polish lighting manufacturer. A round jubilee is a good opportunity not only for memories and summaries, but also to outline further plans for the future. Thank you for being with us and giving us the opportunity for continuous development!