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3 times new: new year, new choice, new standard in lighting.

The new year has started

What's done is done. As each year, we tend to miswrite the date and still put 2015 instead of 2016... Even though the new year has been here for a while. Some will say that nothing has changed, it is just another day, similar to any other of new days that come and go. Nevertheless, the onset of a new year is a special moment for many of us, lots of people make their new year's resolutions, set new goals or search for totally new solutions. It is no different in the lighting industry. The beginning of a new year is a good moment to set slightly differently defined goals. Some of them are already being implemented: as Mark Fischer said, "the best time to act is now!"

Firstly – choice.

The choice is ours. That is, the choice is yours – our customers'. As each interior is unique, has different needs and requirements, in the new catalogue we not only widened our assortment by adding over 150 totally new light fixtures, but also we made it possible to configure numerous technical parameters of our lamps. Because modern lighting is achieved through customising design and technology. A good example is the modern lamps 2000 P20 LED spotlight which gives the customer a possibility to configure the CRI (Colour Rendering Index), the fixture output (and consequently its luminous flux), beam angle and, optionally, a dimmer function. You can learn more on the qualities of the P series spotlights in the article on their LED version. New year, new assortment, new possibilities of choice…

Secondly – quality and price.

A good product is the one that is reasonable in terms of price and application. As a lighting equipment manufacturer we strive at continuous development of our light fixtures in both of those aspects. With the start of the new year 2016 we introduced the full price list (to be downloaded here), which includes the widened assortment of the Aquaform brand modern light fixtures. Please note the changed pricing for the lamps: CERES 111 track and ARES 111 track. These spotlights accentuate light fixtures with architectonic design resulting from its function, and they form a very good solution for lighting exhibition and display areas. Additionally, the fact they are rail-mounted adds up "plus ten" to their mobility, which makes it even easier to adjust the light to the requirements of the interior. The affordable price is naturally accompanied by the good quality. The quality of the Aquaform pure form of light, which is continuously perfected by improving the technical parameters (e.g. improvement of illumination effectiveness in the TRU fixtures thanks to the new aperture), refined visual details or introducing new generations of well-known products (as in the case of LED versions of the 2000 P... series spotlights. ).

Thirdly – development.

Quality development may not be something up in the air. Therefore, last year we could be seen at numerous trade fairs organised for the lighting industry (e.g. Łódź Design Festival, Architect@Work Düsseldorf, Architect@Work in Paris) and therefore also this year we are planning participation in other important events for our industry. Soon we will be taking part in the 24th International Trade Fair for Lighting Equipment "Światło 2016" … more details to come! And the new year has only begun…

2016 – the Aquaform pure form of light

The previous year in the lighting business saw a lot of change and development. And it seems that the arrival of the OLED technology is just the first signal of a revolution that we will watch taking place in the lighting sector. Therefore, this year it is our goal to continue the further development of choice possibilities, customisation, quality, design and technology. Because this is what makes the Aquaform pure form of light. The pure form which we hope you will want to discover together with us in this new year 2016.